Malcolm Keener Trophy

The Malcolm Keenor Trophy will consist of 5 frames which are decided by a random draw, with the team that scores the highest number of total points over the course of five frames being the winner.

Each team will have a handicap which is applied at the start of the first four frames, with each being played to the black (the black has to be potted.)

The total points for those four frames are added up, and the difference is then the handicap start for the final frame PLUS the fifth frame’s handicap, which is then played as a standard frame.

So for example, if Team A had a 15 point handicap over Team B, and the frame scores were –

Frame 1 – Team A 50 v 40 Team B
Frame 2 – Team A 50 v 40 Team B
Frame 3 – Team A 50 v 40 Team B
Frame 4 – Team A 50 v 40 Team B

Then Team A would be 40 points ahead going into the final frame PLUS their 15 point handicap, so they would have a start of 55 points in the final frame.
Hope that makes sense!

Player Rankings

Please remember to submit individual results when the match result is sent in to the league secretary, otherwise those records won’t be included in the standings.

Results need to be sent by email or text, or they can be posted on the forum.

The Miss Rule

Given that the miss rule is an integral part of the game, we play it in our league. However, there is a wide range of refereeing experience amongst us, and so it is the responsibility of the home team captain to ensure that the rule is implemented consistently over the course of the five frames.

The definition in the WPBSA rules is –

A miss is when the cue ball fails to first contact a ball on, and the referee considers that the striker has not made a good enough attempt to hit a ball on.

We are a social league, but we all want to play in a fair way and so the following criteria has generally been used over the past few years and can be applied to the judging of a miss rule.

A miss is to be called when –

The striker can see the ball on.

The striker fails to reach the object ball.

The striker has a pack of reds to hit.

The striker can hit the object ball using one cushion.

The striker chooses a more difficult ball to hit, or chooses a more difficult route than necessary.

It is also worth noting that a miss CANNOT be called when a snooker is needed either before or after the shot, and a miss CANNOT be called if the points available on the table are equal to the points difference, e.g. if the striker is 31 behind with 35 left on the table and they give away a 4 point foul.

If you follow the above advice, and apply a reasonable amount of common sense, then we will have a consistent approach to what can be a difficult issue. However, please remember that the referee’s decision is final and absolute, and we ask that

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Cup matches

Please note that in addition to the guidance already published about next week’s cup matches, any team that is unable to field a player for a frame will forfeit it 147-0.

Mackintosh Gain Top Spot

Match 3 results –

Senghenydd 1 v 4 Mackintosh
SW Snooker 1 v 4 Cuesaders
Taff’s Well B 3 v 2 Canton Libs A
Savoy B 1 v 4 Canton Libs B
Park Cons 4 v 1 Cathays Cons
Rumney BL 3 v 2 Savoy A
Canton Libs Z 3 v 2 Taffs Well A

The 2016-17 season has seen the welcome return of some CDSL legends, most notably at the Mackintosh who continued their 100% start to the season by winning 4-1 at Senghenydd to top the table.

The other only unbeaten team are the champions Taff’s Well B after they won the week’s heavyweight contest 3-2 against league leaders Canton Libs A.

The surprise result of the week saw last year’s joint runners-up Savoy A beaten 3-2 at in-form Rumney British Legion, whilst Canton Libs B climbed to 5th with a 4-1 win over Savoy B.

Park Club beat Cathays Cons 4-1, whilst Cuesaders won by the same scoreline against South Wales Snooker. The other game of the week saw Canton Libs Z beat Taff’s Well A 3-2 in what promises to be the most open and unpredictable season for a number of years.