Leaders consolidate their great start

An entertaining week sees Canton Libs A and Park Club consolidate their place at the top of the table, whilst Cuesaders suffered their first defeat of the season to Senghenydd. Wins for County Cons, Cathays Cons and Canton Libs Z mean there are 5 teams still unbeaten, and there was a first win of the season for South Wales A. Fourteen players have a perfect record of 3 from 3, while next week sees the first clash between leading teams as Cuesaders take on Savoy.

The Miss Rule

As we are now one league, I’ve been asked by a few people to clarify the league’s position on the miss rule.

Given that the miss rule is an integral part of the game, we play it in our league. However, there is a wide range of refereeing experience amongst us, and so it is the responsibility of the home team captain to ensure that the rule is implemented consistently over the course of the five frames.

The definition in the WPBSA rules is -

A miss is when the cue ball fails to first contact a ball on, and the referee considers that the striker has not made a good enough attempt to hit a ball on. 

We are a social league, but we all want to play in a fair way and so the following criteria has generally been used over the past few years and can be applied to the judging of a miss rule.

A miss is to be called when -

The striker can see the ball on.

The striker fails to reach the object ball.

The striker has a pack of reds to hit.

The striker can hit the object ball using one cushion.

The striker chooses a more difficult ball to hit or chooses a more difficult route than necessary.


It is also worth noting that a miss CANNOT be called when a snooker is needed either before or after the shot.

Also, a recent addition to the rules is that a miss CANNOT be called if the points available on the table are equal to the points difference, e.g. if the striker is 31 behind with 35 left on the table and they give away a 4 point foul.

If you

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Pay your comp entry fees now!

Deadlines for both comp entries AND payment is midnight tonight. We have had plenty of entries but lots of those are at risk of being scratched due to non payment. A full list is on the forum.

Bank details for anyone wishing to transfer funds are:-

CDSA Account number 53556352 Sort code 20-18-15

Champions set the early pace

Another week of impressive wins and big breaks sees the champions Canton Libs A top the table, along with Div 1 winners Cuesaders and the Park Club.

Canton started brilliantly with 80+ breaks for both Ed Topham and Kishan Hirani in their 5-0 win at Taffs Well, whilst Cuesaders and Park also both recorded big victories away from home to keep up their excellent early season form. The only home win of the week came at Savoy, which prevented the rare feat of all the away teams registering a victory.

Cathays Cons got their season off to a fine start with a 4-1 win at Trec Bandits, whilst at the bottom South Wales B and Taffs Well will be looking to get their first frames on the board next week.

Please send in full match details

A reminder please ahead of the second week of matches that for the player rankings to work it needs all teams to send in details of who played and lost. Please don’t rely on other teams to do this, and please write down the names of each other’s players for when you submit the results.

The online form is an easy way of sending in the details, or you can post them on the forum.