Savoy and Llandaff Unbeaten in Cup

Malcolm Keenor Trophy Week 3 results –

Group A

Trecenydd Snooker 2 v 3 Canton Libs B

Senghenydd 5 v 0 w/o Cathays Cons

Canton Libs Z 1 v 4 Savoy

Group B

Llandaff Warriors 3 v 2 Cuesaders

Mackintosh 2 v 3 Fairwater Cons

Taff’s Well 3 v 2 Rumney British Legion


Dylan Emery 61 (Trecenydd Snooker)

James Llewellyn 43 (Taff’s Well)

Kevin Brown 41 (Taff’s Well)

Jason Hewitt 40 (Mackintosh)

Chris Garwood 38 (Trecenydd Snooker)

There were two decisive victories in Group A this week, with Savoy beating Canton Libs Z 4-1 and Senghenydd gaining a 5-0 walkover after Cathays Cons failed to fulfil the fixture. However, whilst Savoy look favourites to qualify for the semi-finals, the other place looks to be a 3-way battle after Canton Libs B won a close match 3-2 against Trecenydd Snooker, with Dylan Emery once again registering a frame-winning break with a 61.

Things are much closer in Group B with Llandaff Warriors the only unbeaten side with two matches remaining after they defeated Cuesaders 3-2 to move to the top of the table. Two of the other contenders for semi-final qualification faced each other with Fairwater winning 3-2 at Mackintosh to join them on 12 points, just one point behind Llandaff. Taff’s Well managed to stay in contention after winning 3-2 at home to Rumney British Legion, but this group looks set to go all the way to the last week of matches.

No Change at the Top

Week 9 results –

Canton Libs B 2 v 3 Fairwater Cons

Cathays Cons 4 v 1 Cuesaders

Trecenydd Snooker 2 v 3 Mackintosh

Llandaff Warriors 2 v 3 Rumney British Legion

Senghenydd 2 v 3 Canton Libs Z

Taff’s Well 2 v 3 Savoy


Steffan Davies 46 (Fairwater Cons)

The status quo remains at the top of the Premier League as Fairwater Cons, Mackintosh and Savoy all registered 3-2 away victories this week. Fairwater beat Canton Libs B, with Steffan Davies making the highest break of the week with a 46, whilst Mackintosh won at Trecenydd despite Dylan Emery inflicting the first defeat of the season on Jason Hewitt.

Savoy overcame Taff’s Well by the same scoreline, although it could have been more decisive after they were 3-0 up, but Tom Cross’s side won the last two frames to make it 3-2. However, the result of the week came at Llandaff Warriors after Rumney British Legion won 3-2 to register a well-deserved first win of the season.

The only result of the week that wasn’t decided by a single frame was at Cathays after they defeated Cuesaders 4-1 despite only have four players available. Martyn Evans’s side are now only four points behind leaders Fairwater and are emerging as the dark horses in the race for the title.

Canton Libs Z put on a show!

Week 8 results –

Mackintosh 3 v 2 Canton Libs B

Fairwater Cons 2 v 3 Cathays Cons

Cuesaders 2 v 3 Taff’s Well

Rumney British Legion 1 v 4 Trecenydd Snooker

Canton Libs Z 5 v 0 Llandaff Warriors

Savoy 3 v 2 Senghenydd


Jason Hewitt 84 (Mackintosh)

Paul Chichester 57 (Canton Libs Z)

Rob Richards 56 (Canton Libs Z)

Sam Thomas 46 (Savoy)

Ralph Welch 39 (Canton Libs Z)

Graeme Prance 38 (Cuesaders)

Richard Humphries 36 (Canton Libs Z)

Canton Libs Z lead the way in Division One after a stunning 5-0 win over Llandaff Warriors that featured four of their players registering on the breaks board, with Paul Chichester and Rob Richards both making 50s. They are level at the top with Senghenydd after they lost narrowly at Savoy 3-2, which was the Barry side’s sixth win of the season by that margin to consolidate third place in the Premier League.

Mackintosh closed the lead at the top to a single point after they defeated Canton Libs B 3-2, with Jason Hewitt producing the individual performance of the week with a superb 84 break. They took advantage of a surprise 3-2 home defeat for Fairwater Cons against Cathays Cons who move to within five points of the league leaders, with Mike Rathkey maintaining his 100% record with his sixth win of the season.

Trecenydd Snooker made it back-to-back wins after they won 4-1 away at Rumney British Legion, who are winless after eight matches, whilst Taff’s Well moved off the bottom of the Premier League with a 3-2 victory at Cuesaders.

Senghenydd Extend Their Lead

Week 7 results –

Canton Libs B 4 v 1 Rumney British Legion
Cathays Cons 2 v 3 Mackintosh
Cuesaders 2 v 3 Fairwater Cons
Trecenydd Snooker 3 v 2 Canton Libs Z
Llandaff Warriors 2 v 3 Savoy
Taff’s Well 2 v 3 Senghenydd


Dylan Emery 57 (Trecenydd Snooker)
Dan Bridle 52 (Senghenydd)
Jason Hewitt 50 (Mackintosh)
Terry Garland 46 (Fairwater Cons)
Graeme Prance 38 (Cuesaders)
Ed Topham 36 (Canton Libs)

Senghenydd have extended their lead at the top of Division One after an excellent 3-2 win at Taff’s Well, who now find themselves bottom of the Premier League after their fourth defeat in a row. Dan Bridle got Tony Palkowski’s side off to a flying start with some excellent positional play in registering a 52 break, and they quickly added two frames to take a 3-0 lead before Taff’s Well hit back to win the last two.

Fairwater, Mackintosh and Savoy all won away matches 3-2 this week to pull away at the summit of the Premier League, but all had to fight hard to record their victories showing just how competitive the league is this season. Fairwater remain top after they beat Cuesaders, with Terry Garland registering a 46 break, whilst Savoy won at Llandaff Warriors and Jason Hewitt was once again the star of Mackintosh’s win at Cathays Cons with a 50 break.

However, Dylan Emery recorded the highest break of the week with a 57 in Trecenydd Snooker’s 3-2 win at home to Canton Libs Z and Canton Libs B moved ahead of Taff’s Well at the foot of the Premier League table with a 4-1 victory over Rumney British Legion.

The Miss Rule

Given that the miss rule is an integral part of the game, we play it in our league. However, there is a wide range of refereeing experience amongst us, and so it is the responsibility of the home team captain to ensure that the rule is implemented consistently over the course of the five frames.

The definition in the WPBSA rules is –

A miss is when the cue ball fails to first contact a ball on, and the referee considers that the striker has not made a good enough attempt to hit a ball on.

Please remember that only a maximum of three misses can be called per visit, and as we are a social league we all want to play in a fair way, and so the following criteria has generally been used over the past few years and can be applied to the judging of a miss rule.

A miss is to be called when –

The striker can see the ball on.

The striker fails to reach the object ball.

The striker has a pack of reds to hit.

The striker can hit the object ball using one cushion.

The striker chooses a more difficult ball to hit, or chooses a more difficult route than necessary.

Please note that it is NOT acceptable for a person refereeing to decide not to apply the miss rule as it is a rule of the sport just like any other.

If you follow the above advice, and apply a reasonable amount of common sense, then we will have a consistent approach to what can be a difficult issue. However, please remember that the referee’s decision is final and absolute, and we ask that all players show respect to those officiating.

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