Cardiff Handicap Pairs, 2021/22

Home players drawn first. Handicap per frame to the right of each player

Final (Best of 5):

Breaks (35+):

James Wigmore 36

(best of 3, by Feb 9)
HanLast 16
(best of 3, by Feb 9)
(best of 3, by Mar 15)
(best of 3, by Apr 19)
James Wigmore/Declan O'Callaghan 214James Wigmore/Declan O'Callaghan14
Steve Flanagan/Shaun O'Connell 114
Tom Cross/Kevin Brown14
Darren Gill/Dave Earls21
Alan Hurley/Ronnie Allen7
Ben Griffiths/Steffan Davies7
Simon Takata/Syed Kazmi21
Jason Hewett/Brian Rees0
Ryan Rowlands/Mark Bennett0
Mike Kinman/Paul Chichester21
Steve Wellbeloved/Clive Marsh21
Luke Haines/Ed Topham7
Jason Veal/Nick Davies21
Martyn Evans/Dave Standage21
Tony Chick/Rory Wigmore21
Geoff Sheppard/Jason Summeryahes21
Ken Linsey/Chris Johnson 0 21Terry Garland/Twm Jones14
Terry Garland/Twm Jones 214

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