Cardiff Open Pairs, 2019/20

Home players drawn first.

Breaks (35+):

1st round
(best of 3, by Nov 30)
Last 16
(best of 3, by Jan 31)
(best of 3, by tbd)
Ryan Rowlands/Sam Thomas
Ken Linsey/Chris Johnson
Jason Veal/Mike Watts
Geoff Shephard/Kyle Patterson
Adam Townsend/Mike Pardoe
Colin Lane/Jeff Lane
Graeme Prance/Ryan Bowgen
Terry Garland/Steffan Davies
Tom Cross/Kevin Brown
Deepak Singh/Santinder Singh
Jason Hewitt/Simon Parker
James Wigmore/Kieran Madden
Shaun O’Connell/Ben Griffiths
Steve Wellbeloved/Clive Marsh 0Ronnie Allen/Alan Hurley
Ronnie Allen/Alan Hurley 2
Dave Earls/John Hicks
Rhys Carpenter/James Llewellyn
Tony Chick/Rory Wigmore
Simon Takata/Sid
Martyn Evans/Dave Standage
Steve Flanagan/Kevin Davies
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