Cardiff Open Pairs, 2023/24

Home players drawn first.


Jason Hewett 48, 46

Preliminary Round
(best of 3, by Nov 12th 2023
Last 16
(best of 3, by Jan 7th 2024)
(best of 3, by Mar 3rd 2024)
(best of 3, by Mar 31st 2024)
Khurram Khan/Nural Khan 2Khurram Khan/Nural Khan 2Khurram Khan/Nural Khan 2Khurram Khan/Nural Khan
Geoff Sheppard/Sam Thomas 0
Lee Cornock/Ross Broad 1Ronnie Allen/Alan Hurley 0
Ronnie Allen/Alan Hurley 2
Graeme Prance/Paul Chichester 2Graeme Prance/Paul Chichester 0
Nick Davies/Dave Richards 0
Danny Wardle/Jason SummerhayesTerry Garland/Twm Jones
Terry Garland/Twm Jones w/o
Dave Earls/Ryan Bowgen 0Rhys Carpenter/James Llewelyn
Rhys Carpenter/James Llewellyn 2
Jason Hewett/Brian Rees 2Jason Hewett/Brian Rees 2Jason Hewett/Brian Rees
Dave Standage/Martyn Evans 0
Clive Marsh/Steve Wellbeloved 2Clive Marsh/Steve Wellbeloved 1
Steve Flangan/Shaun O'Connell 1
James Wigmore/Declan O'Callaghan 2James Wigmore/Declan O'Callaghan
Tony Chick/Rory Wigmore 1
Steffan Davies/Ben Griffiths 1Luke Haines/Ed Topham
Luke Haines/Ed Topham 2
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