Cardiff Open Singles, 2017/18

Cardiff Open Singles Final

Contact details for all players can be downloaded here

Final: John-Henry Griffiths (Senghenydd) 4 v 0 Steffan Davies (Taff’s Well A)

Home players drawn first.


John-Henry Griffiths: 48, 46, 43, 42

Tom Cross: 46, 40

1st round
(best of 3, by Dec 17)
2nd round
(best of 3, by Feb 11)
(best of 3, by Mar 18)
(best of 5, by Apr 8)
Twm Sion Jones (Canton Libs A) 2
Ronnie Allen (Mackintosh) 1Twm Sion Jones (Canton Libs A) 1John-Henry Griffiths (Senghenydd) 3
James Wigmore (Canton Libs B) 1John-Henry Griffiths (Senghenydd) 2
John-Henry Griffiths (Senghenydd) 2
Ryan Rowlands (Savoy) 2Ryan Rowlands (Savoy) 2Ryan Rowlands (Savoy) 2
Suraj Singh (Taff's Well A) 1
Graeme Prance (Cuesaders) 2Graeme Prance (Cuesaders) 2Graeme Prance (Cuesaders) 0
Martyn Evans (Cathays Cons) 0
Kevin Jones (Taff's Well A) 2Kevin Jones (Taff's Well A) 1
Kieran Madden (Canton Libs B) 0
Tom Davie (Savoy) 0
Rhys Carpenter (Taff's Well B) 2Rhys Carpenter (Taff's Well B) 2Rhys Carpenter (Taff's Well B) 0Tom Cross (Taff's Well B) 1
Spencer Symmons (Mackintosh) w/o
Rob Hayes (Taff's Well B)Spencer Symmons (Mackintosh) 0
Ryan Bowgen (Cuesaders) 0
Tom Cross (Taff's Well B) 2Tom Cross (Taff's Well B) 2Tom Cross (Taff's Well B) 2
James Facey (Canton Libs B) 2
Steve Flanaghan (Canton Libs A) 1James Facey (Canton Libs B) 0
Steve Wellbeloved (Mackintosh) 1
Dan Bridle (Senghenydd) 2Dan Bridle (Senghenydd) 2Dan Bridle (Senghenydd) 0Steffan Davies (Taff's Well A) 3
Leon Giles (Cuesaders) 0
Colin Lane (Savoy) 2Colin Lane (Savoy) 1
Kishan Hirani (Canton Libs A) 2
Kevin Davies (Cathays Cons) 0Kishan Hirani (Canton Libs A) 1Steffan Davies (Taff's Well A) 2
Rory Wigmore (Canton Libs B) 1
Steffan Davies (Taff's Well A) 2Steffan Davies (Taff's Well A) 2
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