Cardiff Open Plate competition, 2023/24

Home players drawn first.

Final – Albert Columbo 0 v 3 Rhys Carpenter


Ronnie Allen 37

Last 16
(best of 3, by Feb 11th 2024)
(best of 3, by Mar 10th 2024)
(best of 3, by Apr 6th 2024
Nick Davies 0Glyn Jones 2Glyn Jones 0
Glyn Jones 2
Rory WigmorePaul Chchester 1
Paul Chichester w.o
Ronnie Allen 2Ronnie Allen 1Albert Colombo 2
Dave Richards 1
Albert Colombo w/oAlbert Colombo 2
Twm Jones
Andy Holdman 1Danny Wardle 0Rhys Carpenter 2
Danny Wardle 2
Geoff SheppardRhys Carpenter 2
Rhys Carpenter w/o
Alan HurleySteve FlanaganBen Griffiths 0
Steve Flanagan w/o
Steve Wellbeloved 0Ben Griffiths w/o
Ben Griffiths 2
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