Cardiff Open Pairs, 2010/11


FINAL (best of 7, May 9th)



Top pairing has home advantage up to an including semi-finals. Both players are responsible for arranging matches. Full draws and telephone numbers can be downloaded here in Excel format: CompDraws2010.xls

Highest breaks: none reported yet

Round One (best of 3, to be played in January)Quarter-finals (best of 3, to be played in Feb)Semi-finals (best of 3, to be played in March)
Glyn Jones/Neil Tomkins (Penarth BL) 2Glyn Jones/Neil Tomkins (Penarth BL) 0Kishan Hirani/Luke Haines (Fairwater/County)
Dan Peacey/Dave Blake (University) 0
Spencer Symmons/John Moore (Mackintosh) 0Kishan Hirani/Luke Haines (Fairwater/County) 2
Kishan Hirani/Luke Haines (Fairwater/County) 2
Alan Morgan/Rhys Thomas (Trecenydd) 2Alan Morgan/Rhys Thomas (Trecenydd) 2Alan Morgan/Rhys Thomas (Trecenydd) 2
Craig Davis/Luke Pittman (Fairwater)
Steve Flanagan/Dave Earls (Fairwaters/Canton Libs) 0Layton Brookes/Huw Carpenter (University)
Layton Brookes/Huw Carpenter (University) 2
Daryl Wilson/Ed Topham (SW Snooker) 0Shaun Wicks/Rhys Carpenter (Trecenydd)Shaun Wicks/Rhys Carpenter (Trecenydd) 2
Shaun Wicks/Rhys Carpenter (Trecenydd) 2
Kevin Jones/Steve Rees (Taffs Well) 1Gerwyn Davies/Jeff Jenkins (Trecenydd)
Gerwyn Davies/Jeff Jenkins (Trecenydd) 2
Terry Garland/Huw Thomas (Fairwater)Terry Garland/Huw Thomas (Fairwater)Terry Garland/Huw Thomas (Fairwater) 1
Tom Cross/Rob Hayes (County Cons)
BYESteve Wellbeloved/Renato Ridolini (Mackintosh)
Steve Wellbeloved/Renato Ridolini (Mackintosh)
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