Cardiff Open Pairs, 2011/12

FINAL (best of 5, 29th May, Mackintosh)


Highest breaks: Mark Bennett 60, Steve Rees 53, Neil Tomkins 53

Preliminary round
(best of 3, by Feb 24)
1st round
(best of 3, by March 23)
(best of 3, by Apr 22nd)
(best of 3, by May 20th)
Ralph Welch/A.Jones (Canton Libs) 0Mal Griffiths/Frank Thomas (Canton Libs) 1Kevin Jones/Steve Rees (Taff's Well) 2Kevin Jones/Steve Rees (Taff's Well) 2
Mal Griffiths/Frank Thomas (Canton Libs) 2
Rob Richards/Paul Chichester (Canton Libs) 0Kevin Jones/Steve Rees (Taff's Well) 2 (Rees 53 break)
Kevin Jones/Steve Rees (Taff's Well) 2
James Wigmore/Gavin Dwyer (Canton Libs) w/oJames Wigmore/Gavin Dwyer (Canton Libs) 0James Facey/Chris Richards (Penarth Rd) 0
Huw Thomas/Terry Garland (Fairwater)
James Facey/Chris Richards (Penarth Rd) 2James Facey/Chris Richards (Penarth Rd) 2
Huw Carpenter/Layton Brookes (University)
Neil Tomkins/Glyn Jones (Penarth BL) 2Neil Tomkins/Glyn Jones (Penarth BL) 2Neil Tomkins/Glyn Jones (Penarth BL, Tomkins 53) 2Neil Tomkins/Glyn Jones (Penarth BL) 0
Steve Wellbeloved/Renato Ridolini (Mackintosh) 0
Ryan Rowlands/Terry Cooke (Savoy) 2Ryan Rowlands/Terry Cooke (Savoy) 1
Chris Crookes/Dan Lines (Wellington) 0
Colin Lane/Graham Bailey (Savoy) 2Colin Lane/Graham Bailey (Savoy) 2Colin Lane/Graham Bailey (Savoy) 0
Spencer Symmons/Ian Bartley (Mackintosh)
-Shaun O'Connell/Steve King (Canton Libs)
-Twm Jones/Luke Pittman (Fairwater)Twm Jones/Luke Pittman (Fairwater) 0Kishan Hirani/Steve Flanagan (Fairwater) 0
-Daryl Wilson/Robert Evans (SW Snooker)
-Jeff Jenkins/Matthew Jenkins (Trecenydd)Kishan Hirani/Steve Flanagan (Fairwater) 2
-Kishan Hirani/Steve Flanagan (Fairwater) 2
-Mark Bennett/Lee Greening (Savoy) w/oMark Bennett/Lee Greening (Savoy) w/oMark Bennett/Lee Greening (Savoy) 2 (Bennett 60)
-Shane Virgin/Mike Howe (Wellington)
-Dan Peacey/Alex Winsor (University) 0Kevin Brown/James Llewellyn (County)
-Kevin Brown/James Llewellyn (County) 2
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