Cardiff Open Singles, 2013/14

FINAL (best of 7, 1st May)

HUW CARPENTER (Mack Thurs) 3


The Cardiff Open reached a thrilling conclusion at Taff’s Well, ultimately seeing Ryan Rowlands crowned the new champion after the closest of finishes against Huw Carpenter.

Huw made a good start to the 7 frame clash, with a run of 25, and when Ryan responded with 24, the omens looked very promising for a very well balanced match. Huw edged the opening frame on the pink, looking the slightly better player, but then had to watch as Ryan’s scoring power showed. Three frames in quite quick succession went his way, with runs of 42 and 59.

Huw had the presence of mind to see that his area of strength was in the safety play, and from 1-3 down, he noted also that his potting was not as strong as he might have liked,so took a more careful approach. Tougher frames, with fewer heavy scores, followed, and at 3-3, Huw looked to have ridden out the storm, expecially when he built a good lead in the final frame. A snooker laid by Ryan behind a spotted pink, with 2 reds remaining, was called miss, but, in the good spirit in which the whole event was played, Ryan opted to go for the clearance. It went sweetly until he was slightly the wrong side of the brown. The blue was then dispatched, trickily, to a corner pocket, and the pink off its spot with the rest, leaving the white on the top cushion, behind the black, a slow roll to the middle the only real potting option. The clearance of 35 made the younger player the new Cardiff Open champion.

Home players are drawn first

Highest break: Ryan Rowlands 67

1st round
(best of 3, by Jan 5)
2nd round
(best of 3, by Feb 2)
(best of 3, by March 2)
(best of 5, by April 6)
Huw Carpenter (Mack Thurs) 2Huw Carpenter (Mack Thurs)Huw Carpenter (Mack Thurs) 2Huw Carpenter (Mack Thurs) 3
Ray Sullivan (Canton Libs) 0
Sam Thomas (Savoy) scrBYE
Rhys Carpenter (Mack Thurs) scr
Spencer Symmons (Mack) 2Spencer Symmons (Mack)Spencer Symmons (Mack) 0
James Facey (Park Club) 0
Ronnie Allen (Mack)Kishan Hirani (Penarth Rd B)
Kishan Hirani (Penarth Rd B) 2
Dan Bridle (Trecenydd) 0Steve Flanagan (Penarth Rd A) 2Steve Flanagan (Penarth Rd) scratchedTerry Garland (Penarth Rd B) 0
Steve Flanagan (Penarth Rd A) 2
Renato Ridolini (Mack) w/oRenato Ridolini (Mack) 0
Steve Rees (Taffs Well)
Leon Giles (Cuesaders) 2Leon Giles (Cuesaders) 0Terry Garland (Penarth Rd B) w/o
Graham Bailey (Savoy) 0
Andrew West (Trecenydd) 0Terry Garland (Penarth Rd B) 2
Terry Garland (Penarth Rd B) 2
Ryan Rowlands (Savoy) 2Ryan Rowlands (Savoy) 2Ryan Rowlands (Savoy) 2Ryan Rowlands (Savoy) 3 (67 break)
Glyn Jones (Penarth Rd A) 0
Ben Bridle (Trecenydd) 0Andrew Bridle (Trecenydd) 0
Andrew Bridle (Trecenydd) 2
Tom Cross (County) 2Tom Cross (County) 0Kevin Jones (Taffs Well) 1
Luke Pittman (Penarth Rd B) 1
Rory Wigmore (Canton Libs) 1Kevin Jones (Taffs Well) 2
Kevin Jones (Taffs Well) 2
Tom Davie (Penarth Rd A) 2Tom Davie (Penarth Rd A) 2Tom Davie (Penarth Rd A) 2Tom Davie (Penarth Rd A) 2 (44 break)
Steve Wellbeloved (Mack) 1
Chris Richards (Park) 2Chris Richards (Park) 1
Rob Baker (Cuesaders) 1
BYEAlan Cook (Penarth Rd A) 2Alan Cook (Penarth Rd A)
Alan Cook (Penarth Rd A)
BYEJames Wigmore (Canton Libs)
James Wigmore (Canton Libs)
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