Cardiff Open Singles, 2016/17

Cardiff Open Singles Final

Kishan Hirani (Canton Libs A) 4-2 Ryan Rowlands (Savoy A)

Contact details for all players can be downloaded here

Home players drawn first.

Breaks: Spencer Symmons (83), Ryan Rowlands (71, 56, 45, 41), Kishan Hirani (60, 56)

1st round
(best of 3, by Dec 18)
2nd round
(best of 3, by Feb 5)
(best of 3, by Mar 5)
(best of 5, by Apr 2)
Spencer Symmons (Mackintosh) 2 (83 break)Spencer Symmons (Mackintosh) 0John Henry Griffiths (Senghenydd) 2John Henry Griffiths (Senghenydd) 0
Ross Barker (Park Cons) 0
John Henry Griffiths (Senghenydd) 2John Henry Griffiths (Senghenydd) 2
Ron Davies (Taff's Well A) 0
James Wigmore (Canton Libs B) 0Kevin Jones (Taff's Well A) 2Kevin Jones (Taff's Well A) 0
Kevin Jones (Taff's Well A) 2
Mike Boucher (Senghenydd) 2Mike Boucher (Senghenydd) 0
Rory Wigmore (Canton Libs B) 0
Kishan Hirani (Canton Libs A) 2Kishan Hirani (Canton Libs A) 2Kishan Hirani (Canton Libs A) 2Kishan Hirani (Canton Libs A) 3
Huw Carpenter (Taff's Well B) 1
Dan Bridle (Senghenydd) 2Dan Bridle (Senghenydd) 0
Steve Rees (Taff's Well A) 1
Sam Thomas (Savoy A) w/oSteve Flanaghan (Canton Libs A) 2Steve Flanaghan (Canton Libs A) 0
Steve Flanaghan (Canton Libs A)
Nathan Biggs (Rumney BL)Alex Radford (Park Cons) 1
Alex Radford (Park Cons) w/o
Tom Davie (Savoy A) 2Tom Davie (Savoy A) 2Tom Davie (Savoy A) 2Tom Davie (Savoy A) 1
Jason Summerhayes (Rumney BL) 0
Tom Cross (Taff's Well A) 0James Facey (Canton Libs B) 0
James Facey (Canton Libs B) 2
Graeme Prance (Cuesaders) w/oGraeme Prance (Cuesaders) 0Ed Topham (Canton Libs A) 1
Geoff Sheppard (Rumney BL)
Ed Topham (Canton Libs A) 2Ed Topham (Canton Libs A) 2
Rhys Carpenter (Taff's Well B) 0
Ryan Rowlands (Savoy A) 2Ryan Rowlands (Savoy A) w/oRyan Rowlands (Savoy A) 3 (56, 45, 41 breaks)
Luke Pitman (Canton Libs A) 0
Steve Wellbeloved (Mackintosh) 0Terry Garland (Canton Libs A)
Terry Garland (Canton Libs A) 2
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