Cardiff Open Singles, 2018/19

Home players drawn first.

Final (best of 7):

Ryan Rowlands (Savoy) 2 v 4 Rhys Carpenter (Taffs Well B)

Breaks (35+):

Ryan Rowlands – 83, 74, 45

Dylan Emery – 76

James Facey – 45

James Wigmore – 37

Preliminary match (best of 3, by Dec 9th)
Jason Veal (Mackies Lost Boys) 0 v Jacob Boyle (Mackintosh) 2

Last 32
(best of 3, by Feb 3)
Last 16
(best of 3, by Mar 3)
(best of 3, by Mar 31)
(best of 5, by Apr 21)
Jacob Boyle (Mackintosh) 1Ronnie Allen (Mackintosh) 1Ryan Rowlands (Savoy) 2Ryan Rowlands (Savoy) 3
Ronnie Allen (Mackintosh) 2
Spencer Symmons (Mackintosh)Ryan Rowlands (Savoy) 2
Ryan Rowlands (Savoy) w/o
Graham Jenkins (Cuesaders) w/oGraham Jenkins (Cuesaders) w/oGraham Jenkins (Cuesaders) 0
John-Henry Griffiths (Senghenydd)
Alfie Davies (Savoy) w/oAlfie Davies (Savoy)
Lee Cornock (Fairwater Cons)
Tom Cross (Taffs Well B) w/oTom Cross (Taffs Well B) w/oTom Cross (Taffs Well B) 2Tom Cross (Taffs Well B) 1
Lee Greening (Savoy)
Dan Bridle (Senghenydd) 0Dylan Emery (Trecenydd Snooker)
Dylan Emery (Trecenydd Snooker) 2
Simon Takata (Canton Libs B) 2Simon Takata (Canton Libs B) 1James Wigmore (Canton Libs B) 1
Colin Lane (Savoy) 0
James Wigmore (Canton Libs B) 2James Wigmore (Canton Libs B) 2
Graeme Prance (Cuesaders) 0
Rhys Carpenter (Taffs Well B) 2Rhys Carpenter (Taffs Well B) 2Rhys Carpenter (Taffs Well B) 2Rhys Carpenter (Taffs Well B) 3
Rory Wigmore (Canton Libs B) 1
Deepak Singh (Mackies Lost Boys) ScrSteff Davies (Taffs Well A) 1
Steff Davies (Taffs Well A)
Chris Garwood (Trecenydd Snooker) w/oChris Garwood (Trecenydd Snooker) 2Chris Garwood (Trecenydd Snooker) 0
Kieran Madden (Canton Libs B)
Steve Wellbeloved (Mackintosh) 2Steve Wellbeloved (Mackintosh) 0
Steve Flanagan (Fairwater Cons) 1
Callum Lloyd (Trecenydd Snooker) ScrSam Thomas (Savoy)Dave Earls (Cathays Cons) 1James Facey (Canton Libs B) 0
Sam Thomas (Savoy)
Dave Earls (Cathays Cons) 2Dave Earls (Cathays Cons) w/o
Kevin Davies (Fairwater Cons) 1
James Facey (Canton Libs B) 2James Facey (Canton Libs B) 2James Facey (Canton Libs B) 2
Adam Townsend (Trecenydd Snooker) 0
Rob Gordon (Cuesaders)Phil Ho (Cuesaders) 1
Phil Ho (Cuesaders) w/o
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