Team Knockout Cups, 2015/16

Canton Libs A have retained their 2016 CDSA Mac Keenor Handicap Cup title, after winning a close match 3-1 against their local rivals Canton Libs Z.

The Z side started well after Ralph Welch won a close opener against Ed Topham, but Luke Pitman restored parity with a comfortable victory over Bill Bainton.

Canton A then took the crucial third frame, as Twm Jones overcame Paul Chichester on the colours to put them one frame from the title.

The tightest frame of the night was next as Terry Garland took on David Thain, with both players feeling the tension as good chances were missed. The frame went to the colours and finally the black, and a Thain miss sent it flying round the table, just failing to fall into the middle pocket, leaving Garland an easy pot to seal the win.


Canton Libs Z 1-3 Canton Libs A



Canton Libs Z 3 v 0 Savoy

Canton Libs A 3 v 0 Cuesaders


This year there was a single knockout cup – the Mac Keenor Memorial Handicap Cup.

The winners of the first round progressed through to the group stages of the Cup, and the losers entering the Plate. The format is 5 frames drawn at random with handicaps per team for each individual frame.

 Group APldWonPts     Frames won
1Canton Libs Z321210
3Rumney BL3176
4Taff's Well A3154

 Group BPldWonPts     Frames won
1Canton Libs A331411
3Cathays Cons 3176
4Canton Libs B3022

 PlatePldWonPts     Frames won
1Park Cons32119
3SW Snooker3198
4Taff's Well B3154

The 1st round results were-

Cathays Cons (14) 3 v 1 Senghenydd (14)

Canton Libs B (21) v Bye

Rumney BL (21) 3 v  2Cardiff Cuesports (21)

Taff’s Well A (14) 3 v 1 Taff’s Well B (0)

Canton Libs Z (14) v Bye

South Wales Snooker 2 (21) 3 v Savoy (0)

Canton Libs A (0) 3 v 1 (14) Park Cons

Cuesaders (7) v Bye

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