Cardiff Handicap Singles, 2011/12

FINAL (best of 5, June 12)

SPENCER SYMMONS (Mackintosh, 0) 0

TRAVIS FURNISH (Fairwater Cons, +7) 3

16 year old Travis Furnish became Cardiff Handicap champion at his first attempt with a whitewash over Spencer Symmons in the final. Two of the frames went to the black but in the other Travis missed the 12th black when on course for a maximum.

Handicap per frame appears to the right of the pairing

Highest breaks: Daryl Wilson 138, Travis Furnish 88, Spencer Symmons 74, 70

1st round
(best of 3, by March 23)
Han2nd round
(best of 3, by Apr 22nd)
(best of 3, by May 20th)
(best of 5)
Robert Evans (SW Snooker) 021Daryl Wilson (SW Snooker)7Alan Morgan (County) 10Spencer Symmons (Mackintosh) 30
Daryl Wilson (SW Snooker) 2 (138 break)14
Alan Morgan (County) 20Alan Morgan (County) 20
Fraser Ingram (County)28
Liam O'Brien (SW Snooker) 021Spencer Symmons (Mackintosh) 20Spencer Symmons (Mackintosh) 3 (Symmons 74)0
Spencer Symmons (Mackintosh) 2 (70 break)0
Steve Rees (Taffs Well) 214Steve Rees (Taffs Well) 14
Huw Thomas (Fairwater) 121
Dan Peacey (University) 028Matthew Johns (Savoy)21Graham Bailey (Savoy) 321Graham Bailey (Savoy) 121
Matthew Johns (Savoy) 221
Graham Bailey (Savoy) 221Graham Bailey (Savoy)21
Huw Carpenter (University)14
Colin Lane (Savoy) w/o21Colin Lane (Savoy)21Colin Lane (Savoy) 121
Shane Virgin (Wellington)14
Chris Richards (Penarth Rd) 114Kevin Brown (County Cons)14
Kevin Brown (County Cons) 214
Travis Furnish (Fairwater, 59 break) 27Travis Furnish (Fairwater) 27Travis Furnish (Fairwater) 27Travis Furnish (Fairwater) 37
Dave Richards (Fairwater) 128
Terry Garland (Fairwater) 014Rhys Carpenter (University) 014
Rhys Carpenter (University) 214
Alberto Columbo (Savoy)21Steve Flanagan (Fairwater)21Kishan Hirani (Fairwater)0
Steve Flanagan (Fairwater) 221
Chris Crookes (Wellington) 121Kishan Hirani (Fairwater)0
Kishan Hirani (Fairwater) 20
Mark Dwyer (Canton Libs) 035Twm Jones (Fairwater) 114James Facey (Penarth Rd) 228James Facey (Penarth Rd) 228
Twm Jones (Fairwater) 214
James Facey (Penarth Rd) 228James Facey (Penarth Rd) 228
Dan Lines (Wellington) 128
Ryan Rowlands (Savoy) 07Tom Cross (County Cons) 27Tom Cross (County Cons) 17
Tom Cross (County Cons) 27
Mike Howe (Wellington)21James Wigmore (Canton Libs) 035
James Wigmore (Canton Libs) w/o35

PRELIMINARY ROUND (best of 3, by 24th Feb)
Rob Evans (SW Snooker, +21) 2-1 Glyn Jones (Penarth BL, +28)
Neil Tomkins (Penarth BL, 0) 0-2 Daryl Wilson (SW Snooker, +14)
Alan Morgan (County, 0) v Steve Wellbeloved (Mackintosh, +28)
Vince Haines (County, +28) 0-2 Fraser Ingram (County, +28)
Kevin Jones (Taff’s Well, +14) 1-2 Liam O’Brien (SW Snooker, +21)
Spencer Symmons (Mackintosh, 0) beat Renato Ridolini (Mackintosh, +28)
Che Dimauro (SW Snooker, +21) lost to Steve Rees (Taffs Well, +14)

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