Cardiff Handicap Singles, 2012/13

FINAL (best of 5, 11th June, Mackintosh)

TOM CROSS (County Cons, +14) 1

JAY MORRIS (Penarth Road, +14) 3

Jay Morris of Penarth Road won his first Cardiff Handicap title as he beat County’s Tom Cross 3-1 in the final at the Mackintosh. In a tense and slow affair, Tom took an early lead with the help of some misses in the first frame. Jay then took the next with a quite superb 18 clearance to level the match after an hour long frame. The third frame was just as tense with a near re-rack situation but eventually Jay came on top on the blue, before wrapping things up in the fourth frame. Kishan Hirani took the highest break prize for his 73 in the semi-final against Cross.

Highest breaks: Kishan Hirani 73 & 72, Huw Carpenter 63, Jay Morris 61, Ryan Rowlands 57

Players appearing first had home advantage or could choose a CDSL venue of their choice.

Handicap per frame appears to the right of the pairing

1st round
(best of 3, by March 24)
Han2nd round
(best of 3, by Apr 21st)
(best of 3, by May 12th)
(best of 3, by June 2nd)
Luke Pitman (Fairwater)14Alberto Columbo (Savoy)21Kishan Hirani (Fairwater) 2 (72 break)0Kishan Hirani (Fairwater) 1 (73 break)0
Alberto Columbo (Savoy) w/o21
Kishan Hirani (Fairwater) 20Kishan Hirani (Fairwater)0
Spencer Symmons (Mackintosh) 10
Alan Cook (Penarth Road) 021Ryan Rowlands (Savoy) 1 (40 break)7Dan Bridle (Trec Wanderers) 035
Ryan Rowlands (Savoy) 2 (57 break)7
Dan Bridle (Trec Wanderers) 235Dan Bridle (Trec Wanderers) 235
Glyn Jones (Penarth Rd) 028
Tom Cross (County) 214Tom Cross (County) 214Tom Cross (County) 214Tom Cross (County) 214
James Llewellyn (County)14
Renato Ridolini (Mack)28Huw Carpenter (Mack Thurs) 114
Huw Carpenter (Mack Thurs) 2 (63 break)14
Fraser Ingram (County) w/o28Fraser Ingram (County) 128Rhys Carpenter (Mack Thurs) 114
Clive Hudd (Penarth Rd)14
Rhys Carpenter (Mack Thurs) 214Rhys Carpenter (Mack Thurs) 214
Steve Wellbeloved (Mackintosh) 028
BYESimon Parker (Canton Libs) w/o21Simon Parker (Canton Libs) 121Jay Morris (Penarth Road) 2 (61 break)14
Simon Parker (Canton Libs)21
Colin Lane (Savoy) 214Colin Lane (Savoy)14
Terry Garland (Fairwater)14
Jay Morris (Penarth Road) 214Jay Morris (Penarth Road) 214Jay Morris (Penarth Road) 214
Tony Chick (Canton Libs) 035
Ronnie Allen (Mackintosh)21Gavin Dwyer (Canton Libs) 042
Gavin Dwyer (Canton Libs)42
Travis Furnish (Fairwater) scr0BYE-Kevin Jones (Taffs Well) 214Kevin Jones (Taffs Well) 114
Mark Bennett (Savoy) scr-7
Kevin Jones (Taffs Well) 214Kevin Jones (Taffs Well)14
Graham Bailey (Savoy) 114
Kevin Brown (County) w/o14Kevin Brown (County) 214Kevin Brown (County) 114
Ray Sullivan (Canton Libs)35
Dan Peacey (Canton Libs) 228Dan Peacey (Canton Libs) 028
Mark Dwyer (Canton Libs) 035

PRELIMINARY ROUND (best of 3, by 17th Feb)
Luke Pittman (+14, Fairwater) w/o v Daryl Wilson (0, SW Snooker)
Alan Cook (+21, Penarth Rd) 2-1 Ben Bridle (+42, Trec Wanderers)
Renato Ridolini (+28, Mackintosh) w/o v Luke Haines (+14, County)
Dave Redrup (+14, Penarth Rd) (both scratched) Vince Haines (+28, County)
Richard Humphries (0, Canton Libs) 0 v w/o Jay Morris (+14, Penarth Rd)
Travis Furnish (0, Fairwater) 2-0 James Wigmore (+35, Canton Libs)
Steve Rees (+14, Taffs Well) 1-2 Kevin Brown (+14, County)

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