Cardiff Handicap Singles, 2015/16

John-Henry Griffiths is the 2016 Handicap Singles champion after winning an exciting final against Taff’s Well A’s Kevin Jones at Llandaff Institute. Jones started quickly and won the first thanks to a 39 break, but Griffiths hit back with a 40+ plus visit in the next to level things at one frame each.

However, Jones was dictating the pace of the match and won a close third frame, before extending his advantage with a dominant display in the next to take a 3-1 lead.

Needing only one more frame to clinch victory, Jones kept up his excellent potting to establish a 30 point lead, and was looking almost certain to win the title. Griffiths stayed in the frame though and took it to the colours, but left Jones a half chance on the pink to win the match. However, it rattled in the jaws leaving a very tricky pink which Griffiths stroked in, and followed with a good black to stay alive at 2-3.

That moment seemed to change the momentum of the match, as Griffiths took control in the next to win it comfortably and take the match to a decider.

It was a very quick match, and the decider was no different as Griffiths surged into a 50 point lead, but Jones potted some good balls under pressure to stay in the frame. He then had a good chance with 4 reds left, but a missed pink left Griffiths in on the last red and he cleared up for a thriller victory by 4 frames to 3.


John Henry Griffiths (Senghenydd, 14 handicap) 4-3 Kevin Jones (Taff’s Well A, 14 handicap)

Breaks: Kishan Hirani (123), Huw Carpenter (70, 49), Kevin Jones (56), Ryan Rowlands (54, 48)

Home players are drawn first.

1st round
(best of 3, by Nov 29)
Hand2nd round
(best of 3, by Jan 10)
(best of 3, by Feb 21)
(best of 5, by March 20)
Winner of Preliminary 1 (Dave Redrup (Park Cons)) 17Kishan Hirani (Canton Libs A) 2-7Kishan Hirani (Canton Libs A) 0-7Mike Boucher (Senghenydd)14
Winner of Preliminary 2 (Kishan Hirani (Canton Libs A)) 2-7
Albert Columbo (Savoy)14Sam Thomas (Savoy) 0-7
Sam Thomas (Savoy) w/o-7
Mike Boucher (Senghenydd) 214Mike Boucher (Senghenydd) w/o14Mike Boucher (Senghenydd) 214
Alan Grove (Cuesaders) 114
Ed Topham (Canton Libs A) 20Ed Topham (Canton Libs A)0
Thomas Davie (Savoy) 00
Colin Lane (Savoy) 114John Henry Griffiths (Senghenydd) w/o14John Henry Griffiths (Senghenydd) 214John Henry Griffiths (Senghenydd) 314
John Henry Griffiths (Senghenydd) 214
Terry Garland (Canton Libs A)14Jimmy Llewellyn (Taff's Well B)14
Jimmy Llewellyn (Taff's Well B) w/o14
Tom Cross (Taff's Well B) 214Tom Cross (Taff's Well B) 014Huw Carpenter (Taff's Well B) 17
Steffan Davies (Cathays Cons) 114
Martyn Evans (Cathays Cons) 014Huw Carpenter (Taff's Well B) 2 (70 break)7
Huw Carpenter (Taff's Well B) 2 (49 break)7
Glyn Jones (Taff's Well B) 021Twm Jones (Canton Libs A) 07Rory Wigmore (Canton Libs B) 021Kevin Jones (Taff's Well A) 314
Twm Jones (Canton Libs A) 27
Rory Wigmore (Canton Libs B) 221Rory Wigmore (Canton Libs B) 221
Rob Richards (Canton Libs Z) 014
Steve Rees (Taff's Well A) 114Ron Davies (Taff's Well A) 121Kevin Jones (Taff's Well A) 214
Ron Davies (Taff's Well A) 221
Ryan Rowlands (Savoy) 1 (54, 48 breaks)0Kevin Jones (Taff's Well A) 2 (56 break)14
Kevin Jones (Taff's Well A) 214
James Coughlin (Cathays Cons) 221James Coughlin (Cathays Cons) 021Steve Flanaghan (Canton Libs A) 214Steve Flanaghan (Canton Libs A) 014
Dave Standage (Cathays Cons) 114
James Wigmore (Canton Libs B) 021Steve Flanaghan (Canton Libs A) 214
Steve Flanaghan (Canton Libs A) 214
Rhys Carpenter (Taff's Well B) 27Rhys Carpenter (Taff's Well B) 27Rhys Carpenter (Taff's Well B) 17
James Facey (Park Cons) 014
Darren Gill (Cathays Cons) 021Tony Chick (Canton Libs B) 121
Tony Chick (Canton Libs B) 221

Preliminary Match 1:

Dave Redrup (Park Cons, 7) 2-0 Graham Bailey (Savoy, 14)

Preliminary Match 2:

Luke Pitman (Canton Libs A, 7) 0-2 (123 break) Kishan Hirani (Canton Libs A, -7)

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