Cardiff Handicap Pairs, 2015/16

The Senghenydd pair of John-Henry Griffiths and Mike Boucher are Handicap Pairs champions, after a 3-1 win over Taff’s Well A’s Kevin Jones and Alex Marchant this week at Canton Liberal Club. They had to come from behind though as Jones & Marchant comfortably won the opener, before the Senghenydd duo levelled things after winning a close second.

The third frame proved pivotal, as another close one was won by Boucher & Griffiths to put them ahead, and they sealed their victory in the fourth to claim the 2016 Handicap Pairs title.

Breaks: Mark Bennett (68), Kevin Jones (56), Rhys Carpenter (43)

Home players are drawn first.


Mike Boucher & John Henry Griffiths (Senghenydd, 14 handicap) 3-1 Kevin Jones & Alex Marchant (Taff’s Well A, 14 handicap)

1st round
(best of 3, by Nov 29)
Hand2nd round
(best of 3, by Jan 10)
(best of 3, by Feb 21)
(best of 5, by Mar 20)
S. Thomas / R. Rowlands (Savoy) 20S. Thomas / R. Rowlands (Savoy) w/o0S. Thomas / R. Rowlands (Savoy)0M. Rathkey / D. Gill (Cathays Cons) 014
S. Rees / R. Davies (Taff's Well A) 014
D. Earls / J. Hicks (Cathays Cons) 114T. Garland / L. Pitman (Canton Libs A)14
T. Garland / L. Pitman (Canton Libs A) 214
M. Rathkey / D. Gill (Cathays Cons) 214M. Rathkey / D. Gill (Cathays Cons) 214M. Rathkey / D. Gill (Cathays Cons) w/o14
R. Wigmore / T. Chick (Canton Libs B) 021
S. Flanaghan / S. O'Connell (Canton Libs A) 014T. Cross / K. Brown (Taff's Well B) 014
T. Cross / K. Brown (Taff's Well B) 214
A. Grove / P. Evans (Cuesaders) 214A. Grove / P. Evans (Cuesaders) 014K. Jones / A. Marchant (Taff's Well A) 3 (K. Jones 56 break)14
M. Evans / S. Davies (Cathays Cons) 114
K. Jones / A. Marchant (Taff's Well A) 214K. Jones / A. Marchant (Taff's Well A) 214
C. Lane / G. Bailey (Savoy) 114
H. Carpenter / R. Carpenter (Taff's Well B) 27H. Carpenter / R. Carpenter (Taff's Well B) 2 (R. Carpenter 43 break)7H. Carpenter / R. Carpenter (Taff's Well B) 07
T. Jones / H. Thomas (Canton Libs A) 07
M. Bennett / A. Columbo (Savoy) 2 (M. Bennett 68 break)7M. Bennett / A. Columbo (Savoy) 17
J. Wigmore / D. O'Callaghan (Canton Libs B) 021
J. H. Griffiths / M. Boucher (Senghenydd) 214J. H. Griffiths / M. Boucher (Senghenydd) w/o14J. H. Griffiths / M. Boucher (Senghenydd) 314
A. Jonas / A. Magill (Rumney BL) 014
F. Ingram / V. Haines (Taff's Well B) w/o21F. Ingram / V. Haines (Taff's Well B)21
D. Standage / J. Coughlin (Cathays Cons) 014K. Hirani / E. Topham (Canton Libs A)0
K. Hirani / E. Topham (Canton Libs A) 20
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