Premier League and Division One, 2017/18


 Premier LeaguePWonPts     Form^
1Senghenydd 5523WWWWW
2Taff's Well B 5420WWWWL
3Mackintosh 5319WWLLW
4Canton Libs A 4318WWLW
5Taff's Well A 5317LWWWL
6Cuesaders 4315WWLW

 Division OnePWonPts     Form^
1Canton Libs B 5214LLLWW
2Rumney British Legion 5213LLWWL
3Cathays Cons4212WLWL
4Canton Libs Z 406LLLL
5Park Club506LLLLL
6Mackies Lost Boys503LLLLL
^Form shows most recent results on the right
Fixtures and results
A full list of fixtures for your club noticeboard is available for download here: fixtures1718.docx. Use the online form here to submit results.Alternatively please text or email new player registrations and results (including player wins and losses for the player rankings) to James Llewellyn on 07792 101998 or

Sept 14th

Canton Libs Z v BYE
Mackintosh 5 v 0 Savoy
Canton Libs B 2 v 3 Cathays Cons
Rumney BL 0 v 5 Taffs Well B
Taffs Well A 1 v 4 Senghenydd
Cuesaders 4 v 1 Mackies Lost Boys
Canton Libs A 5 v 0 Park Club

Sept 21st

Savoy 4 v 1 Canton Libs Z
Cathays Cons 2 v 3 Mackintosh
Taff’s Well B 4 v 1 Canton Libs B
Senghenydd 3 v 2 Rumney British Legion
Mackies Lost Boys 1 v 4 Taff’s Well A
Park Club 1 v 4 Cuesaders
Canton Libs A v BYE

Sept 28th

Canton Libs Z 2 v 3 Cathays Cons
Mackintosh 2 v 3 Taff’s Well B
Canton Libs B 1 v 4 Senghenydd
Rumney British Legion 5 v 0 Mackies Lost Boys
Taff’s Well A 4 v 1 Park Club
Cuesaders 1 v 4 Canton Libs A
Savoy v BYE

Oct 5th - Malcolm Keenor Trophy

Canton Libs Z WON (20) v Senghenydd (10)
Bye v Canton Libs A (0)
Canton Libs B WON (20) v Rumney British Legion (25)
Bye v Cathays Cons (15)
Savoy WON (0) v Cuesaders (15)
Mackintosh WON (0) v Park Club (25)
Bye v Taff’s Well B (0)
Taff’s Well A W/O (15) v Mackies Lost Boys (35)

Oct 12th

Taff’s Well B 3 v 2 Canton Libs Z
Senghenydd 3 v 2 Mackintosh
Mackies Lost Boys 0 v 5 Canton Libs B
Park Club 2 v 3 Rumney British Legion
Canton Libs A 2 v 3 Taff’s Well A
Cathays Cons 2 v 3 Savoy
Cuesaders v BYE

Oct 19th

Canton Libs Z 1 v 4 Senghenydd
Mackintosh 4 v 1 Mackies Lost Boys
Canton Libs B 3 v 2 Park Club
Rumney British Legion 1 v 4 Canton Lib A
Taff’s Well A 2 v 3 Cuesaders
Savoy 4 v 1 Taff’s Well B
Cathays Cons v BYE

Oct 26th

Mackies Lost Boys v Canton Libs Z
Park Club v Mackintosh
Canton Libs A v Canton Libs B
Cuesaders v Rumney British Legion
Taff’s Well B v Cathays Cons
Senghenydd v Savoy
Taff’s Well A v BYE

Nov 2nd

Canton Libs Z v Park Club
Mackintosh v Canton Libs A
Canton Libs B v Cuesaders
Rumney British Legion v Taff’s Well A
Savoy v Mackies Lost Boys
Cathays Cons v Senghenydd
Taff’s Well B v BYE

Nov 9th - Malcolm Keenor Trophy


Nov 16th

Canton Libs A v Canton Libs Z
Cuesaders v Mackintosh
Taff’s Well A v Canton Libs B
Park Club v Savoy
Mackies Lost Boys v Cathays Cons
Senghenydd v Taff’s Well B
Rumney British Legion v BYE

Nov 23rd

Canton Libs Z v Cuesaders
Mackintosh v Taff’s Well A
Canton Libs B v Rumney British Legion
Taff’s Well B v Mackies Lost Boys
Savoy v Canton Libs A
Cathays Cons v Park Club
Senghenydd v BYE

Nov 30th

Taff’s Well A v Canton Libs Z
Rumney British Legion v Mackintosh
Cuesaders v Savoy
Canton Libs A v Cathays Cons
Park Club v Taff’s Well B
Mackies Lost Boys v Senghenydd
Canton Libs B v BYE

Dec 7th

Canton Libs Z v Rumney British Legion
Mackintosh v Canton Libs B
Savoy v Taff’s Well A
Senghenydd v Park Club
Taff’s Well B v Canton Libs A
Cathays Cons v Cuesaders
Mackies Lost Boys v BYE

Dec 14th - Malcolm Keenor Trophy

1Kishan Hirani Canton Libs A78
2Jason Hewitt Mackintosh 68
3Kishan HiraniCanton Libs A65
=Kishan HiraniCanton Libs A65
5Ed TophamCanton Libs A60
6Suraj Singh Taff's Well A 50
7Suraj SinghTaff's Well A49
8Kevin Davies Cathays Cons46
=Jason HewittMackintosh46
10John MooreMackintosh42
11Kishan HiraniCanton Libs A41

Notes on breaks table:

1. Breaks of 35 or above submitted with match results are included. 2. The breaks are shown in order of the highest break. 3. Only all 50 breaks are shown, below 50 only the highest is shown..

1Kishan HiraniCanton Libs A44100
2Tom CrossTaff's Well B 5480
=Kevin BrownTaff's Well B 5480
4Terry GarlandCanton Libs A33100
5Mark BennettSavoy4375
=Mike BoucherSenghenydd4375
=Ryan BowgenCuesaders4375
=Kevin DaviesCathays Cons 4375
=Carl DimondSenghenydd4375
=Dave EarlsCathays Cons 4375
=Leon GilesCuesaders4375
=John-Henry GriffithsSenghenydd4375
=Rob HayesTaff's Well B4375
=Jason Hewitt Mackintosh 4375
=Liam MortimerSenghenydd4375
Notes on rankings: 1. Players are ranked according to most wins, then overall percentage. 2. Excludes missing results which were not provided by teams.

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