Roll of Honour – Division Three and Four

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Season Champions Runners-up Highest break Champions Runners-up Highest break
  Division Three Division Four
1998- None contested since 1997-98 None contested since 1995-96
1997-98 McKennas Snooker ‘B’ Cardiff Bus B.Marshall 59 No Division Four contested
1996-97 British Rail ‘A’ Gower ‘C’ T.Leach49 No Division Four contested
1995-96 Broadway Rileys City Rd ‘A’ Mark J.Williams 100 New Park Libs ‘B’ Gino’s ‘A’ A.Davies 54
1994-95 Penarth Road Snooker ‘A’ South Wales Snooker ‘B’ John Luke 57 University ‘B’ Savoy Snooker ‘B’ Chris Giles 53
1993-94 Caerphilly Social ‘B’ Bedwas WMC ‘A’ Paul Risdale 56 British Rail (Splott) ‘A’ Rumney BL ‘B’ Mark Jones 46
1992-93 University ‘A’ Cathays Libs ‘C’ Simon Davies 60 Ely British Legion ‘B’ Wellington ‘C’ Michael Cosh 52
1991-92       University ‘A’   Tom Cross 46
1989-90 South Wales Snooker ‘B’ Wellington Snooker ‘C’ M.Chick/P.Curtis/M.Cronin 47 Picadilly Snooker ‘B’ Gower Hotel ‘C’ Ceri Williams 52
1988-89 Mackintosh Sports ‘C’ Rumney BL ‘B’ Martin Shepheard 84 Cardiff City Transport ‘B’ Canton Libs ‘B’ Darren Gill 58
1987-88 City Snooker ‘B’ Rileys Snooker ‘B’ W.Sage 55 Grangetown Snooker ‘B’ Rumney BL ‘B’ A.Humphries 64
1986-87 City Snooker ‘B’ Rileys Snooker ‘B’ P.Mason 58 Aber & Senghenydd ‘A’ Whitchurch RFC ‘A’ Richard Humphries 66
  Old Fourth Division Old Fifth Division
The Premier League was introduced from 1986-87 season, and divisional names were amended as appropriate. For example in previous seasons Division One would have been the Second Division; Div Two the Third Division and so on.
1985-86 City Snooker ‘B’ Llanbradach Social ‘C’ Russell Davies 49 Comrades ‘A’ Splott Labour ‘B’ Fred Phillips 91
1984-85 University ‘A’ Rileys City Road ‘B’ Jeff Jenkins 56 Whitchruch RFC ‘A’ City Social ‘B’ Neil Ford 40
1983-84 David Morgan ‘A’ Llandough BL ‘A’ Mark Jedrejczak 62 City Snooker ‘B’ Riley City Road ‘C’ Peter Frost 49
1978-79   Senghenydd Cons        
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