Thursday League, 2011/12

  PlayedWonPoints     Form^
1Wellington Thursday2622116WWWWWWW
2Canton Libs 'A'2621111WLWWWW
3Roath Labour261690WLWLWL
4SW Snooker261689LLLWWW
5Taffs Well261586LLWWWW
7Trecenydd 'B'261379LWLWLW
8Canton Libs 'Z'261378LWLWLL
9Gower Hotel261272WLLLWW
10Rumney BL261168WLLLLL
11Cathays Cons**261064LLLWLL
12Savoy 'B'**261062WLLLLW
13Canton Libs 'B'26645LLLLLL
14Trecenydd 'C'**26328LLLWLL
15No Balls*----
16Wellington Sticky Bandits*----

* expelled from league following failure to show for 3 matches. All results have been removed from the table.

** deducted 6 points for failing to show for 1 match
^Form shows most recent results on the right

Wellington Thursday, Thursday League champions 2011/12

Fixtures and results

Note that Wellington Sticky Bandits were replaced with a bye week for matches from Nov 5th. No Balls were replaced with a bye week for matches from April 12th.

Sept 7th

Trec C 2-3 Trec B

Sept 22nd

Canton Libs B 0-5 Wellington Thurs
Taffs Well 3-2 Cathays Cons
Savoy 2-3 Senghenydd Boucher 41
No Balls 0-5 SWS
Canton Libs Z 1-4 Canton Libs A O’Connell 53
Wellington SB 2-3 Gower
Rumney BL 3-2 Roath Labour

Sept 29th

Wellington Thurs 5-0 Wellington SB
Senghenydd 2-3 Taffs Well Jones 49, Boucher 34
Cathays Cons 5-0 Trec C
SWS 3-2 Savoy Wilson 43
Canton Libs A 5-0 No Balls
Gower 2-3 Canton Libs Z
Roath Labour 5-0 Canton Libs B
Trec B 2-3 Rumney BL

Oct 6th

Canton Libs Z 3-2 Wellington Thurs
Taffs Well 3-2 SWS
Savoy 1-4 Canton Libs A
No Balls 2-3 Gower Davies 41
Canton Libs B 3-2 Trec B
Trec C 2-3 Rumney BL
Wellington SB 0-5* Roath Labour WSB no show. Deducted 6pts

Oct 13th

Wellington Thurs 4-1 No Balls
Canton Libs A 3-2 Taffs Well Griffiths 33
SWS 4-1 Cathays Cons
Senghenydd 4-1 Trec C
Gower 3-2 Savoy
Roath Labour 3-2 Canton Libs Z
Trec B 5-0* Wellington SB WSB no show. Deducted 6pts
Rumney BL 5-0 Canton Libs B Hayes 32

Oct 17th

Cathays Cons 1-4 Senghenydd

Oct 20th

Savoy 2-3 Wellington Thurs R.Carpenter 44
Taffs Well 2-3 Gower Symmons 65
Cathays Cons 3-2 Canton Libs A King 31
Senghenydd 3-2 SWS
No Balls 1-4 Roath Labour
Canton Libs Z 2-3 Trec B Dobson 61
Wellington SB 3-2 Rumney BL
Trec C 2-3 Canton Libs B

Oct 27th

Wellington Thurs 5-0 Taffs Well R.Carpenter 36
Gower 4-1 Cathays Cons
Canton Libs A 4-1 Senghenydd A.Jones 51
SWS 5-0 Trec C Trottman 54, Topham 48
Roath Labour 3-2 Savoy
Trec B 5-0 No Balls
Rumney BL 3-2 Canton Libs Z Chichester 58, Hayes 38
Canton Libs B 2-3 Wellington SB

Nov 3rd

Wellington Thurs 4-1 Cathays Cons
Taffs Well 2-3 Roath Labour
Senghenydd 2-3 Gower
SWS 1-4 Canton Libs A
Savoy 3-2 Trec B
No Balls 2-3 Rumney BL
Canton Libs Z 2-3 Canton Libs B
Trec C void Wellington SB WSB did not show

Nov 10th

Senghenydd 3-2 Wellington Thurs
Trec B 2-3 Taffs Well
Cathays Cons 4-1 Roath Labour
Gower 3-2 SWS
Canton Libs A 3-2 Trec C
Rumney BL 2-3 Savoy
No Balls 3-2 Canton Libs B
BYE v Canton Libs Z

Nov 17th

SWS 3-2 Wellington Thurs
Taffs Well 4-1 Rumney BL
Trec B 3-2 Cathays Cons E.Chichester 40
Roath Labour 3-2 Senghenydd
Gower 1-4 Canton Libs A Welsh 39
Canton Libs B 2-3 Savoy
BYE v No Balls
Canton Libs Z 2-3 Trec C

Nov 24th

Wellington Thurs 4-1 Canton Libs A
Canton Libs B 1-4 Taffs Well
Rumney BL 2-3 Cathays Cons
Senghenydd 3-2 Trec B
Roath Labour 2-3 SWS
Savoy v BYE
Canton Libs Z 5-0 No Balls
Trec C 2-3 Gower

Dec 1st

Gower 2-3 Wellington Thurs Symmons 62
BYE v Taffs Well
Cathays Cons 5-0 Canton Libs B
Senghenydd 4-1 Rumney BL
SWS 2-3 Trec B
Canton Libs A 4-1 Roath Labour
Savoy 3-2 Canton Libs Z
Trec C 5-0 No Balls NB failed to show

Dec 8th

Wellington Thurs 5-0 Trec C
Canton Libs Z 2-3 Taffs Well
Cathays Cons v BYE
Canton Libs B 1-4 Senghenydd
Rumney BL 1-4 SWS
Trec B 2-3 Canton Libs A
Roath Labour 4-1 Gower
No Balls 2-3 Savoy

Dec 15th

Wellington Thurs 4-1 Roath Labour
Taffs Well 5-0 No Balls
Cathays Cons 1-4 Canton Libs Z
Senghenydd v BYE
SWS 3-2 Canton Libs B
Canton Libs A 4-1 Rumney BL
Gower 3-2 Trec B
Trec C 3-2 Savoy

Dec 22nd

Trec B 1-4 Wellington Thurs
Savoy 3-2 Taffs Well
No Balls 1-4 Cathays Cons
Canton Libs Z p-p Senghenydd
Canton Libs B 1-4 Canton Libs A
Rumney BL 4-1 Gower
Roath Labour 5-0 Trec C

Jan 5th

Rumney BL 0-5 Wellington Thurs
Taffs Well 5-0 Trec C
Cathays Cons 4-1 Savoy
Senghenydd 5-0 No Balls
Canton Libs Z 2-3 SWS
BYE v Canton Libs A
Canton Libs B 3-2 Gower
Trec B 1-4 Roath Labour

Jan 12th

Wellington Thurs 5-0 Canton Libs B
Cathays Cons 3-2 Taffs Well
Senghenydd 2-3 Savoy
SWS 3-2 No Balls
Canton Libs A 5-0 Canton Libs Z
Gower v BYE
Roath Labour 4-1 Rumney BL
Trec B 5-0 Trec C

Jan 19th

BYE v Wellington Thurs
Taffs Well 3-2 Senghenydd
Trec C 1-4 Cathays Cons
Savoy 2-3 SWS
No Balls 1-4 Canton Libs A King 50
Canton Libs Z 3-2 Gower
Canton Libs B 3-2 Roath Labour
Rumney BL 0-5 Trec B

Jan 26th

Wellington Thurs 4-1 Canton Libs Z
SWS 1-4 Taffs Well
Senghenydd 3-2 Cathays Cons
Canton Libs A 5-0 Savoy
Gower 5-0 No Balls
Roath Labour v BYE
Trec B 4-1 Canton Libs B
Rumney BL 3-2 Trec C

Feb 2nd

No Balls 1-4 Wellington Thurs
Taffs Well 1-4 Canton Libs A
Cathays Cons 2-3 SWS
Trec C 3-2 Senghenydd
Savoy 5-0 Gower
Canton Libs Z 4-1 Roath Labour
BYE v Trec B
Canton Libs B 1-4 Rumney BL

Feb 9th

Wellington Thurs 3-2 Savoy
Gower 3-2 Taffs Well
Canton Libs A 3-2 Cathays Cons King 41, 41
SWS 4-1 Senghenydd
Roath Labour 4-1 No Balls
Trec B 3-2 Canton Libs Z E.Chichester 44, Cole 39
Rumney BL v BYE
Canton Libs B 4-1 Trec C

Feb 16th

Taffs Well 3-2 Wellington Thurs
Cathays Cons 3-2 Gower
Senghenydd 3-2 Canton Libs A
Trec C 1-4 SWS
Savoy 1-4 Roath Labour Richards 37
No Balls 2-3 Trec B
Canton Libs Z 4-1 Rumney BL
BYE v Canton Libs B

Feb 23rd

Cathays Cons v Wellington Thurs
Roath Labour v Taffs Well
Gower v Senghenydd
Canton Libs A v SWS
Trec B v Savoy
Rumney BL v No Balls
Canton Libs B v Canton Libs Z
BYE v Trec C

March 1st

Wellington Thurs 3-2 Senghenydd H.Carpenter 36,
Taylor 32
Taffs Well 2-3 Trec B
Roath Labour 4-1 Cathays Cons Bennett 47
SWS 4-1 Gower Trottman 53,
Topham 50
Trec C 3-2 Canton Libs A
Savoy 1-4 Rumney BL Rowlands 40
Canton Libs B 2-3 No Balls
Canton Libs Z v BYE

March 8th

Wellington Thurs 3-2 SWS
Rumney BL 4-1 Taffs Well
Cathays Cons 2-3 Trec B
Senghenydd 2-3 Roath Labour
Canton Libs A 3-2 Gower
Savoy 4-1 Canton Libs B
No Balls v BYE
Trec C 1-4 Canton Libs Z

March 15th

Canton Libs A 2-3 Wellington Thurs Welsh 45
Taffs Well 4-1 Canton Libs B
Cathays Cons 0-5 Rumney BL
Trec B 2-3 Senghenydd
SWS 2-3 Roath Labour Facey 48
BYE v Savoy
No Balls 3-2 Canton Libs Z
Gower 5-0 Trec C Trec C no show

March 22nd

Wellington Thurs 4-1 Gower
Taffs Well v BYE
Canton Libs B 1-4 Cathays Cons
Rumney BL 1-4 Senghenydd
Trec B 3-2 SWS
Roath Labour 1-4 Canton Libs A
Canton Libs Z 4-1 Savoy
No Balls 3-2 Trec C

March 29th

Trec C 0-5 Wellington Thurs Brookes 37
Taffs Well 4-1 Canton Libs Z
BYE v Cathays Cons
Senghenydd 3-2 Canton Libs B
SWS 3-2 Rumney BL
Canton Libs A 4-1 Trec B
Gower 2-3 Roath Labour
Savoy 0-5 No Balls Savoy failed to show

April 5th

Roath Labour 2-3 Wellington Thurs
No Balls 0-5 Taffs Well No Balls withdrew
Canton Libs Z 3-2 Cathays Cons
BYE v Senghenydd
Canton Libs B 2-3 SWS Di Mauro 53
Rumney BL 0-5 Canton Libs A
Trec B 3-2 Gower
Savoy 0-5 Trec C Savoy failed to show

April 12th

Wellington Thurs 4-1 Trec B
Taffs Well 3-2 Savoy
Cathays Cons v BYE
Senghenydd 4-1 Canton Libs Z
Canton Libs A 4-1 Canton Libs B
Gower 3-2 Rumney BL Symmons 52, Prance 39
Trec C 0-5 Roath Labour

April 19th

Wellington Thurs 4-1 Rumney BL
Trec C 1-4 Taffs Well
Savoy 5-0 Cathays Cons Cathays Cons no show
BYE v Senghenydd
SWS 3-2 Canton Libs Z Trottman 62
Canton Libs A v BYE
Gower 3-2 Canton Libs B
Roath Labour 2-3 Trec B
1Spencer SymmonsGower65, 62, 52
2Simon TrottmanSW Snooker62, 54, 53
3Jon DobsonTrecenydd 'B'61
4Paul ChichesterCanton Libs 'Z'58
5Steve KingCanton Libs 'A'56, 50
6=Shaun O'ConnellCanton Libs 'A'53
6=Che Di MauroSW Snooker53
8Adam JonesCanton Libs 'A'51
9Ed TophamSW Snooker50, 48
10=Kevin JonesTaff's Well49
10=Mike HoweNo Balls49
James FaceyRoath Labour48
Gary BennettRoath Labour47
Rob RichardsCanton Libs 'Z'47
15Ralph WelshCanton Libs 'A'45
Rhys CarpenterWellington Thursday44
Ethan ChichesterTrecenydd 'B'44
Daryl WilsonSW Snooker43
19=Mike BoucherSenghenydd41
19=Kirsty DaviesNo Balls41
Ryan RowlandsSavoy Snooker40
Macauley ColeTrecenydd 'B'39
Graeme PranceGower39
Glyn HayesRumney BL38
25Chris RichardsRoath Labour37
Huw CarpenterWellington Thursday36

Notes on breaks table:

1. Breaks of 35 or above submitted with match results are included.
2. The breaks are shown in order of the highest break.
3. Only all 50 breaks are shown, below 50 only the highest is shown..

PositionPlayerTeamPlayedWonWin %
1Steve KingCanton Libs 'A'262492
2Huw CarpenterWellington Thurs242396
3Kevin JonesTaffs Well262181
4Macauley ColeTrecenydd 'B'252080
5James FaceyRoath Labour261869
6Ben ChungWellington Thurs211781
7Paul ChichesterCanton Libs 'Z'231774
8Spencer SymmonsGower1616100
9Paul JonesCathays Cons251664
10Mike BoucherSenghenydd191579
11Albert ColumboSavoy201575
12=Glyn HayesRumney BL211571
12=Rhys CarpenterWellington Thursday211571
14Shaun O'ConnellCanton Libs 'A'221568
15Rob RichardsCanton Libs 'Z'231565
16Chris RichardsRoath Labour251560

Notes on rankings:

1. Players are ranked according to most wins,
then overall percentage.

2. Players 15 wins or more included

3. Excludes matches against Wellington Sticky Bandits and No Balls

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