Savoy surge back to the top

Match 7 results –

Trecenydd Snooker 1 v 4 Cathays Cons
Senghenydd 2 v 3 Canton Libs Z
Mackintosh 2 v 3 Fairwater Cons
Taff’s Well B 0 v 5 Savoy
Canton Libs B 5 v 0 Mackies Lost Boys
Taff’s Well A v Bye
Cuesaders 2 v 3 Rumney British Legion


Sam Thomas 50 (Savoy)

Savoy showed why they are champions after winning the battle at the top of the table against Taff’s Well B in convincing style 5-0 this week, with a 50 break from Sam Thomas being the highlight of a closely-fought match.

Their closest challengers are now Cathays Cons, who kept up their excellent run of form with a 4-1 win at Trecenydd, with Mike Rathkey and Dave Earls maintaining their impressive individual form. The Division One champions have started the season in style and look determined to stay at the top of the table ahead of some big games in the next few weeks.

Fairwater Cons registered an excellent 3-2 victory at in-form Mackintosh to close the gap on their rivals, giving the middle of the Premier League a congested look, whilst Rumney British Legion matched that scoreline with an impressive win at Cuesaders.

The battle at the top of Division One looks like it will go all the way this year, as Canton Libs B moved back to the summit with a 5-0 win over Mackies Lost Boys, whilst Canton Libs Z won 3-2 at Senghenydd to keep up the pressure on their derby rivals.

The Miss Rule

Given that the miss rule is an integral part of the game, we play it in our league. However, there is a wide range of refereeing experience amongst us, and so it is the responsibility of the home team captain to ensure that the rule is implemented consistently over the course of the five frames.

The definition in the WPBSA rules is –

A miss is when the cue ball fails to first contact a ball on, and the referee considers that the striker has not made a good enough attempt to hit a ball on.

Please remember that only a maximum of three misses can be called per visit, and as we are a social league we all want to play in a fair way, and so the following criteria has generally been used over the past few years and can be applied to the judging of a miss rule.

A miss is to be called when –

The striker can see the ball on.

The striker fails to reach the object ball.

The striker has a pack of reds to hit.

The striker can hit the object ball using one cushion.

The striker chooses a more difficult ball to hit, or chooses a more difficult route than necessary.

It is also worth noting that a miss CANNOT be called when a snooker is needed either before or after the shot, and a miss CANNOT be called if the points available on the table are equal to the points difference, e.g. if the striker is 31 behind with 35 left on the table and they give away a 4 point foul.

If you follow the above advice, and apply a reasonable amount of common sense, then we will have a consistent approach to what can be a difficult issue.

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Mackintosh stun Savoy!

Match 6 results –

Cathays Cons 3-2 Canton Libs B
Canton Libs Z 3-2 Trecenydd
Fairwater Cons 4-1 Senghenydd
Savoy 2-3 Mackintosh
Rumney British Legion 1-4 Taff’s Well B
Taff’s Well A 2-3 Cuesaders
Mackies Lost Boys v Bye


Dylan Emery 60 (Trecenydd)
Alan Hurley 47 (Mackintosh)
James Llewellyn 44 (Taff’s Well B)
Tom Cross 36 (Taff’s Well B)

Mackintosh followed on from last week’s defeat of Taff’s Well B by winning 3-2 at Savoy despite only have 4 players available. Ronnie Allen’s side produced an outstanding display to shock the reigning champions, who have now lost two matches in their opening five games.

Taff’s Well B took advantage of Savoy’s defeat to move back to the top of the Premier League with a 4-1 win at Rumney British Legion, with Kevin Brown maintaining his 100% start to the campaign.

Fairwater Cons continued their good run with a 4-1 win against Senghenydd, whilst Cuesaders defeated Taff’s Well A 3-2.

Dylan Emery remains undefeated at the top of the rankings and produced the highest break of the week with a 60, but it wasn’t enough to prevent his team from losing 3-2 to Canton Libs Z. That win took Bill Bainton’s side back to the summit of Division One after Canton Libs lost 3-2 at Cathays Cons, who are closing in on the Premier League leaders.

New Sponsors

We are delighted to announce that the CDSA has new sponsors for the 2018-19 season. Sugar Creative Studio is a leading AR/VR mobile development and digital creative agency based in Cardiff

Since their formation in 2009 Sugar has grown to a large team that now offers a much more diverse range of services ranging from mobile development, 3D animation and AR/VR development, always with a steadfast focus on good, solid user experience design at its core. Sugar has evolved over the past decade from a leading design & branding agency, responsible for the successful high profile rebranding of S4C among others, to one of Wales preeminent AR & VR mobile development studios with international clients including Hyundai, Daimler, Toyota & BAFTA.

Sugar offers a range of AR design and development services and has been spearheading Augmented Reality development and marketing since its infancy and are still pushing the technology further with every project. Sugar develop innovative immersive digital products to create new ways to work, play and learn whether it be for use on mobile devices or state of the art VR headsets.

We thank Jason and his team for their sponsorship, which will help us to develop the league and allow the CDSA to continue to support the best snooker players in the region.

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