Premier League, 2012/13

  PldWonPts     Form^
1Savoy Snooker181471WWLLWW
2Fairwater Cons181264WLWWWL
3Penarth Road181163WLWWLW
4County Cons181160LLWWLW
5Canton Libs 'A'181158WWWLLW
6Trecenydd 'A'18857WLLLLW
7Mackintosh Thursday18751LWLWWL
8Mackintosh Sports18750LWLWWL
9Park Club18536LLWLWL
10South Wales Snooker18430LWLLLL

^Form shows most recent results on the right

Due to the restrictions on some venues being able to accomodate Thursday play, 3 teams in the Premier League (County, Fairwater and Savoy) will be playing home games on a Tuesday where possible. However if your team has indicated they cannot play on a Tuesday then your away matches against those sides will be held on a Thursday and in the case of matches v County and Fairwater played at your venue. It is up to you whether to provide food and buy a drink. Please check the fixtures each week to ensure you are clear about your date and venue.

Fixtures and results
A full list of fixtures for your club noticeboard can be downloaded here. Use the online form here to submit results.

Alternatively please text or email new player registrations and results (including player wins and losses for the player rankings) to Kevin Brown on 07834 270595 or

Please see important note under the league table regarding scheduling of matches.

Sept 20th

Divisional Cup preliminary round

Thursday   Canton A 2-3 Mack

Sept 27th

Thursday   Savoy 5-0 SW Snooker
Thursday   Mack 3-2 Park Club
Thursday   Canton A 3-2 Fairwater Hirani 87
Thursday   Penarth Rd 3-2 Mack Thurs
Thursday   Trec A 4-1 County

Oct 4th

Thursday   Park Club v Savoy
Thursday   Mack 2-3 Fairwater
Thursday   Mack Thurs 5-0 Canton A
Thursday   Trec A 4-1 Penarth Rd Thomas 33
Thursday   SW Snooker 3-2 County + Cup prelim

Oct 9th/11th

Tuesday   Savoy 4-1 Fairwater Lane 38, Hirani 32
Thursday   Mack 3-2 Mack Thurs
Thursday   Canton A 3-2 Trec A Humphries 50
Tuesday   County 4-1 Penarth Rd Thomas 31
Thursday   Park Club 4-1 SW Snooker

Oct 18th

Divisional KO cup Quarter-finals

Thursday   Mackintosh 3-1 Fairwater
Thursday   Penarth Rd 5-0 Mack Thurs Thomas 40
Thursday   Savoy 2-3 Trec A
Thursday   Park Club 3-1 SW Snooker

Oct 25th

Thursday   Mack Thurs 2-3 Savoy
Thursday   Trec A 2-3 Mack
Thursday   Canton A 3-2 County Humphries 58
Thursday   SW Snooker 1-4 Penarth Rd
Thursday   Park Club 2-3 Fairwater Facey 44

Nov 1st

Thursday   Savoy 4-1 Trec A
Thursday   Mack 1-4 County Brown 35
Thursday   Canton A 0-5 Penarth Rd
Thursday   Park Club 2-3/td>

Mack Thurs R.Carpenter 46
Thursday   SW Snooker 1-4 Fairwater Jones 37

Nov 6th/8th

Tuesday   County 3-2 Savoy Bennett 64, Rowlands 40+
Thursday   SW Snooker 1-4 Canton A
Thursday   Penarth Rd 3-2 Mack
Thursday   Trec A 3-2 Park Club
Thursday   Mack Thurs 2-3 Fairwater

Nov 15th

Divisional KO cup Semi-finals

Thursday   Mack A 2-3 Penarth Rd
Thursday   Trec A 3-2 Park Club

Nov 20th/22nd

Tuesday   Savoy 3-2 Penarth Rd Morris 39
Thursday   Mack 5-0 Canton A
Thursday   Park Club 1-4 County Bennett 43
Thursday   SW Snooker 3-2 Mack Thurs
Thursday   Trec A 2-3 Fairwater Furnish 56, Dobson 38

Nov 27th/29th

Thursday   Canton A 3-2 Savoy
Thursday   Mack 2-3 SW Snooker
Thursday   Penarth Rd 5-0 Park Club Thomas 68, Davies 57
Tuesday   County 3-2 Fairwater Hirani 40+
Thursday   Trec A 3-2 Mack Thurs Wicks 60

Dec 4th/6th

Thursday   Savoy 4-1 Mack
Thursday   Trec A 4-1 SW Snooker Dobson 47, 45
Thursday   Park Club 1-4 Canton A
Tuesday   Fairwater 3-2 Penarth Rd Garland 62, Pittman 46
Thursday   Mack Thurs 2-3 County Llewellyn 56

Dec 13th

Jan 3rd

Jan 10th

Thurs   SW Snooker 2-3 Savoy Bennett 83,
Topham 63
Thurs   Park Club 3-2 Mack
Thurs   Canton A 2-3 Fairwater Welch 57,
Furnish 49 & 44,
Hirani 44
Thurs   Mack Thurs 3-2 Penarth Rd Thomas 32
Thurs   Trec A 2-3 County

Jan 17th

Thursday   Savoy 5-0 Park Club
Thursday   Mack 2-3 Fairwater Garland 47, Hewitt 42
Thursday   Canton A 4-1 Mack Thurs
Thursday   Penarth Rd 3-2 Trec A Gourlay 37
Thursday   SW Snooker 1-4 County

Jan 22nd/24th

Tuesday   Fairwater 2-3 Savoy
Thursday   Mack Thurs 4-1 Mack
Thursday   Trec A 4-1 Canton A Jones 83
Thursday   Penarth Rd 3-2 County Thomas 47, Tomkins 40
Thursday   SW Snooker 1-4 Park Club

Jan 31st

Feb 7th

Thursday   Savoy 3-2 Mack Thurs
Thursday   Mack 1-4 Trec A Dobson 57
Thursday   Canton A 3-2 County
Thursday   Penarth Rd 4-1 SW Snooker Davies 59 & 40
Thursday   Park Club 0-5 Fairwater

Feb 14th

Thursday   Trec A 2-3 Savoy Sage 41
Thursday   Mack 1-4 County
Thursday   Penarth Rd 2-3 Canton A
Thursday   Mack Thurs 3-2 Park Club
Thursday   SW Snooker 3-2 Fairwater

Feb 19th/21st

Tuesday   Savoy 2-3 County
Thursday   Canton A 5-0 SW Snooker
Thursday   Mack 2-3 Penarth Rd
Thursday   Park Club 3-2 Trec A
Thursday   Mack Thurs 2-3 Fairwater Hirani 38

Feb 28th

March 7th

Thursday   Savoy 1-4 Penarth Rd Redrup 61, Morris 47
Thursday   Canton A 2-3 Mack Welch 52
Thursday   Park Club 0-5 County
Thursday   Mack Thurs 3-2 SW Snooker
Thursday   Trec A 2-3 Fairwater

March 12th/14th

Thursday   Savoy 4-1 Canton A Bennett 50+
Thursday   SW Snooker 1-4 Mack
Thursday   Park Club 3-2 Penarth Rd
Tuesday   Fairwater 5-0 County Hirani 81
Thursday   Mack Thurs 3-2 Trec A

March 21st

Thursday   Mack 2-3 Savoy
Thursday   SW Snooker 1-4 Trec A
Thursday   Canton A 5-0 Park Club
Thursday   Penarth Rd 3-2 Fairwater Hirani 57
Thursday   Mack Thurs 2-3 County

March 28th

April 4th

Kishan HiraniFairwater Cons87, 81, 57
Duane JonesTrecenydd83
Mark BennettSavoy83, 64, 50+
Sam ThomasPenarth Road68
Ed TophamSW Snooker63
Terry GarlandFairwater Cons62
Dave RedrupPenarth Road61
Jason HewittMackintosh61
Shaun WicksTrecenydd60
Anthony DaviesPenarth Road59, 57
Richard HumphriesCanton Libs 'A'58, 50
Ralph WelchCanton Libs 'A'57, 52
John DobsonTrecenydd57
Travis FurnishFairwater Cons56
James LlewellynCounty Cons56
Chris RichardsPark Club51
Jay MorrisPenarth Road47
Rhys CarpenterMack Thursday46
Luke PittmanFairwater Cons46
James FaceyPark Club44
Gary BennettPark Club43
Byron SageTrecenydd41
Ryan RowlandsSavoy40+
Neil TomkinsPenarth Road40

Notes on breaks table:

1. Breaks of 35 or above submitted with match results are included.
2. The breaks are shown in order of the highest break.
3. Only all 50 breaks are shown, below 50 only the highest is shown..

1Jason HewittMackintosh181794.4
2Mark BennettSavoy181583.3
3Kevin BrownCounty Cons181477.8
4Huw CarpenterMack Thursday161381.3
5=Rhys CarpenterMack Thursday171376.5
5=Ralph WelchCanton Libs A171376.5
7=Jon DobsonTrecenydd161275
7=Kishan HiraniFairwater161275
9Tom CrossCounty171270.6
10Sam ThomasPenarth Road151173.3
11=Terry GarlandFairwater171164.7
11=Twm JonesFairwater171164.7
13Ryan RowlandsSavoy181161.1
14Spencer SymmonsMackintosh13969.2
15Ed TophamSW Snooker16956.3
16=Graham BaileySavoy17952.9
16=Jay MorrisPenarth Road17952.9
18Dennis McNamaraCanton Libs A17952.9
19Colin LaneSavoy18950
20Anthony DaviesPenarth Road88100
21James FaceyPark Club15853.3
22=Macauley ColeTrecenydd16850
22=Alan CookPenarth Road16850
24Chris RichardsPark Club17847.1
25=Luke PittmanFairwater12758.3
25=Albert ColumboSavoy12758.3
27=Jeff JenkinsTrecenydd15746.7
27=Simon TrottmanSW Snooker15746.7
29=Ben ChungMack Thursday17741.2
29=Luke HainesCounty17741.2
29=Gary BennettPark Club17741.2

Notes on rankings:

1. Players are ranked according to most wins,
then overall percentage.
2. Some results have not been provided by
captains and therefore some players may have
incomplete records.
3. Includes players with 7 wins or more, or at 75% or above having played 3 or more games

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