Roll of Honour – Premier and Div One Team Knockout Cups

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* Thursday League cup held for both divisions combined. In 2009-10 one additional Thursday Division Two knockout cup was also held
— indicates tournament not held in that season

Season Premier/Tuesday Cup Winner Premier/Tuesday Cup Runner-up Division One/
Thursday Div One Cup Winner
Division One/
Thursday Div One Cup Runner-Up
2014-15 Savoy Snooker Canton Libs ‘A’ Taff’s Well Canton Libs ‘Z’
2013-14 Mackintosh Sports Savoy Snooker Cathays Cons Park Club
2012-13 Trecenydd ‘A’ Penarth Road Canton Libs ‘Z’ Taffs Well
2011-12 Fairwater Cons Mackintosh Sports Canton Libs ‘A’ Rumney BL
2010-11 Trecenydd Fairwater Cons Cardiff University* Senghenydd*
2009-10 Trecenydd Fairwater Cons Canton Libs ‘A’* Roath Labour*
2008-09 Trecenydd University ‘A’ Cathays Cons Canton Libs ‘C’
2007-08 University Graduates Savoy Snooker Fairwater Cons Wellington ‘B’
2006-07 No divisional cups held in 2006-07
2005-06 Trecenydd ‘A’ Trecenydd ‘B’
1999-2005 No divisional cups held from 1999-2000 and 2004-05.
1994-95 Snooker World ‘B’ Brackla Snooker ‘A’ Ruperra Social ‘A’ Cathays Libs ‘A’    
1993-94 Wellington ‘A’ Snooker World ‘A’ Aneurin Labour ‘A’ Trecenydd ‘A’    
1992-93 City Snooker ‘A’ Mr.Snooker ‘A’ Wellington ‘B’ South Wales Snooker ‘B’    
1983-90 No divisional cups held between 1983-84 and 1989-90 seasons. No records available for 1990-91 and 1991-92
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