Cardiff Handicap Singles, 2010/11


Allan Morgan of Trecenydd completed a hat-trick of titles as he beat Steve Rees from Taffs Well 3-0 in the final, to follow up his Cardiff Open and Open Pairs victories. Morgan was solid throughout with the highlight being a 46 in the first frame.

FINAL (best of 5, to be played May 19th)

ALAN MORGAN (Trecenydd, scratch) 3-0 STEVE REES (Taffs Well, +14) 

SEMI-FINALS (best of 5, to be played in May)

STEVE REES (Taffs Well, +14) beat DAVID BLAKE (University, +14)

HUW CARPENTER (University, +14) lost to ALAN MORGAN (Trecenydd, 0)

Handicap per frame to the right of each pairing may be subject to change. Top player has home advantage up to an including semi-finals.

Highest breaks: Alan Morgan 97, Steve Rees 86

**Note that Steve Rees’ handicap has been reduced since the start of the competition

Round One (best of 3, played in Feb)HanRound Two (best of 3, pld in March)HanQuarter-final (best of 3, pld in Apr)Han
Steve Rees (Taffs Well) 2 (86 break)21Steve Rees (Taffs Well) 14**Steve Rees (Taffs Well) 2 14**
Layton Brooks (University) 014
Kevin Jones (Taffs Well)14Huw Thomas (Fairwater)21
Huw Thomas (Fairwater)21
Steve Flanagan (Fairwater) 021Rhys Carpenter (Trecenydd) 214Rhys Carpenter (Trecenydd)14
Rhys Carpenter (Trecenydd) 214
Fraser Ingram (County Cons) 028Jay Morris (Penarth BL)14
Jay Morris (Penarth BL) 214
Steve Wellbeloved 0(Mackintosh)21Neil Tomkins (Penarth BL) 10Daryl Wilson (SW Snooker) 114
Neil Tomkins (Penarth BL) 2 (52 and 68 breaks)0
Craig Davis (Fairwater)0Daryl Wilson (SW Snooker) 214
Daryl Wilson (SW Snooker)14
Chris Richards (Penarth Rd)14Terry Garland (Fairwater) 014Dave Blake (University) 214
Terry Garland (Fairwater)14
Mac Keenor (Fairwater)35Dave Blake (University) 214
Dave Blake (University)14
Jon Hillard (University) w/o28Jon Hillard (University)28Tom Cross (County Cons)14
Allan Jones (County Cons)14
Tom Cross (County Cons)14Tom Cross (County Cons) 2 (69 break)14
Ryan Rowlands (Penarth Rd)21
Shaun Wicks (Trecenydd)14Spencer Symmons0Huw Carpenter (University)14
Spencer Symmons (Mackintosh)0
Huw Carpenter (University)14Huw Carpenter (University) 214
Luke Haines (County Cons)7
James Llewellyn (County Cons)14James Llewellyn 14Kishan Hirani (Fairwater) 10
Clive Hudd (Penarth BL)14
Kishan Hirani (Fairwater)0Kishan Hirani (Fairwater) 20
Dan Lines (Potters Bar)28
Chris Crookes (Potters Bar) 228Chris Crookes (Potters Bar)28Alan Morgan (Trecenydd) 20
Rob Hayes (County Cons) 014
Dan Peacey (University) 021Alan Morgan (Trecenydd) 20
Alan Morgan (Trecenydd) 2 (97 break)0

Preliminary round (best of 3, to be played in January)

Luke Pittman (Fairwater, 7) 0-2 Steve Rees (Taffs Well, 21)
Kevin Jones (Taffs Well, 14) 2-0 Vince Haines (County Cons, 21)
Lewis Samuel (Trecenydd, 28) 0-2 Steve Flanagan (Fairwater, 21)
Fraser Ingram (County Cons, 28) 2-1 Glyn Jones (Penarth BL, 21)
Steve Wellbeloved (Mackintosh, 21) 2-1 Ethan Chichester (Trecenydd, 28)
Craig Davis (Fairwater, 0) beat Ronnie Allen (Mackintosh, 14)

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