Roll of Honour – Cardiff Open Pairs

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Season Cardiff Pairs Winners Cardiff Pairs Runners-Up Highest break
2019-20 Ronnie Allen/Alan Hurley Tom Cross/Kevin Brown Alan Hurley 69
2018-19 Dan Bridle/Alan Morgan Tom Cross/Kevin Brown Ryan Rowlands 104
2017-18 Ronnie Allen/Alan Hurley John-Henry Griffiths/Mike Boucher
2016-17 Spencer Symmons/John Moore Ryan Rowlands/Tom Davie Kishan Hirani 110, Tom Davie 97
2015-16 Kishan Hirani/Ed Topham Huw Carpenter/Rhys Carpenter Ed Topham 98
2014-15 Huw Carpenter/Rhys Carpenter Tom Cross/Kevin Brown Huw Carpenter 62
2013-14 Sam Thomas/Ryan Rowlands Lee Greening/Mark Bennett
2012-13 Kevin Brown/Tom Cross Kevin Jones/Steve Rees Sam Thomas 85
2011-12 Mark Bennett/Lee Greening Kevin Jones/Steve Rees Mark Bennett 60
2010-11 Allan Morgan/Rhys Thomas Rhys Carpenter/Shaun Wicks  
2009-10 Huw Carpenter/Layton Brooks Rhys Carpenter/Gerwyn Davies Shaun Wicks 58
2008-09 Brian Rees/Spencer Symmons Rhys Carpenter/Shaun Wicks Spencer Symmons 60
2007-08 Twm Jones/Luke Pittman Huw Carpenter/Jon Ryall  
2006-07 Glyn Jones/Clive Hudd Kevin Brown/James Llewellyn Craig Davis 77
2005-06 Colin Lane/Graham Bailey Mark Bennett/Chris Alexander  
2004-05 Brian Rees/Spencer Symmons Mark Bennett/Chris Alexander Brian Rees 102
2003-04 Jason Hewett/Spencer Symmons Simon Trottman/Lee Smith  
2002-03 Jason Hewett/Steve Wellbeloved Richard Tang/Gareth Tang  
1999-00 Kevin Brown/James Llewellyn Richard Humphries/Grame Prance  
1996-97 Tom Cross/Ben Osborne    
1995-96   Richard Humphries/Spencer Symmons  
1994-95 Richard Humphries/Spencer Symmons Paul Jones/Jeff Jenkins  
1993-94 Richard Humphries/Spencer Symmons Dean O’Connor/Jamie Reynolds  
1992-93 Jeff Jenkins/Kenny Holland Graeme Prance/Andy Down  
1989-90 Geraint Jones/Keith May Gareth Laventure/Ceri Williams  
1988-89 Mike Collins/Iwan Jones Clive Brown/Malcolm Griffiths  
1987-88 Richard Humphries/Ralph Welch Clive Dimond/Mike Riella  
1986-87 George Smith/Graham Dite Keith May/Geraint Jones  
1985-86 Steve Burns/Paul Jenkins Bill Gourlay/Anthony Thomas  
1984-85 Fred Davies/John Dobson Graham Dite/George Smith  
1983-84 Joe Delaney/Clive Brown Steve Burns/Paul Jenkins  
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