Malcolm Keenor Trophy, 2023/24

The Malcolm Keenor Trophy will consist of two groups, who will play on a round-robin basis. The top two in each group will qualify for the semi-finals of the Malcolm Keenor Trophy, whilst 3rd and 4th place in each group will contest the Plate semi-finals.

If two teams are level on points, then frame difference will be used to decide positions. If frame difference is level then the head-to-result between the two sides will determine who finishes higher in the table.

The competition will feature individual handicaps, which are listed on the ‘Clubs and Squads’ page of the website.

Group APWPtsFrame Difference
1Rumney British Legion (Q)4417+6
2Mackintosh Snooker (Q)43140
3The Cons (q)4110-2
4Caerphilly Cons (q)4110-2
5Canton Libs419-4
Group BPWPtsFrame Difference
1Taff's Well (Q)4315+4
2Fairwater Cons Mack (Q)4213+2
3Fairwater Cons (q)42120
4RBL Warriors (q)42120
5Roath Cons418-6
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