Roll of Honour – Cardiff Open Singles

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Season Winner Runner-up Semi-finalists Highest break(s)
2019-20 Jason Hewett Rhys Carpenter Graeme Prance, Twm Sion Jones
Twm Sion Jones 66
2018-19 Rhys Carpenter Ryan Rowlands Tom Cross, James Facey Ryan Rowlands 83
2017-18 John-Henry Griffiths Steffan Davies Ryan Rowlands, Tom Cross
2016-17 Kishan Hirani Ryan Rowlands John-Henry Griffiths, Tom Davie Spencer Symmons 83
2015-16 Ryan Rowlands Sam Thomas Twm Jones, Colin Lane Kishan Hirani 141, Ryan Rowlands 102
2014-15 Kishan Hirani Ryan Rowlands Declan O’Callaghan, Tom Davie Kishan Hirani 76
2013-14 Ryan Rowlands Huw Carpenter Terry Garland, Tom Davie
2012-13 Kishan Hirani Sam Thomas Huw Carpenter, Neil Tomkins Huw Carpenter 77
2011-12 Neil Tomkins Alun Squire Spencer Symmons, Tom Cross Steve Rees 85
2010-11 Allan Morgan Neil Tomkins Spencer Symmons, Kishan Hirani Neil Tomkins 87
2009-10 Neil Tomkins Spencer Symmons Huw Carpenter, Jay Morris Neil Tomkins 112
2008-09 Spencer Symmons Kishan Hirani Huw Carpenter, Jay Morris Jay Morris 73
2007-08 Neil Tomkins Mike Dodd Graeme Prance, Wayne Hatton Spencer Symmons 114, Mike Dodd 93
2006-07 Andrew Rogers John Moore Spencer Symmons, Richard Humphries Richard Humphries 76
2005-06 Gavin Pantall* Michael White* Craig Davis, David John Craig Davis 89
2004-05 Dave Stratford* Spencer Symmons* Jason Hewitt, Nurul Khan Nathan Biggs 90+
2003-04 Martin Cavanagh Simon Trottman Jason Hewett, Craig Davis  
2002-03 Jason Hewett Jon Luke Martin Cavanagh, Gareth Tang  
2001-02 Jason Hewett      
2000-01 Jason Hewett      
1999-00 Martin Cavanagh     Richard Humphries 142
1998-99 Jason Hewett      
1995-96 Spencer Symmons      
1994-95 Paul Davies Graeme Prance Matthew Farrant, Colin Lane  
1993-94 Nick Jones Richard Humphries John Dobson, Spencer Symmons Iwan Jones 83
1992-93 Iwan Jones Geraint Jones Nick Jones, J.B.Griffiths Iwan Jones 110
1991-92 Richard Humphries Terry Dite    
1990-91 Neil Tomkins      
1989-90 Clive Brown Ian Bartley Terry Dite, Ralph Welch Iwan Jones
1988-89 Paul Dawkins Clive Brown Ron Jones, Gary Heycock Paul Dawkins
1987-88 Ralph Welch Dilwyn John Graeme Prance, John Rowley Graeme Prance 62
1986-87 Viv Welsh Albert Barratt George Smith, Dilwyn John John Dobson 77
1985-86 George Smith J.B.Griffiths Dilwyn John, Ralph Welch J.B.Griffiths 77
1984-85 Dilwyn John Clive Brown Alan Jones, Charlie Hemburrow  
1983-84 Donal Foley Fred Davies Tony Thomas, Clive Brown  

* Cardiff Invitational Open. The tournament was widened to allow non-CDSA members to participate. In 2004-05 no non-CDSA members entered but in 2005-06 several leading South Wales amateurs from outside the league did, inlcuding the winner and runner-up.

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