Fixtures Online

The remaining league fixtures for the Premier League and Division One are now online, including the draw for the Quarter-Finals of the Divisional Cup.



Rankings & High Breaks

The Rankings and High Breaks board will stay the same, with a winner in each for both the Premier League and Division One.

The league takes a break next week as it is the Handicap Cup semi-finals, good luck to all four teams involved.

Trec get the final spot

The battle for the final place in the Premier Division went right to the wire, with Trecenydd Bandits sealing 8th place ahead of Cathays Cons, Canton Libs Z and Taff’s Well. Trec beat Park Club to record back-to-back 4-1 wins to finish one point clear, although both Cathays and Canton would have clinched the spot if they had won one more frame. Canton Libs A got back to winning ways, and a 5-0 win for Savoy means they are both 6 points behind County, who deserve congratulation for remaining unbeaten against every side in the league.

The race for 8th goes to the final week

A 5-0 whitewash for the Mackintosh against South Wales B, and a 4-1 victory for Canton Libs Z at home to Senghenydd put them in pole position for the final two spots in the Premier Division, with a week left before the split.  Close defeats for Trecenydd and Taff’s Well means they are relying on other results, but the result of the week came at Park Club, where Cathays Cons got themselves back into contention for 8th place with an excellent 4-1 win. At the top of the table, County Cons and Savoy both won 3-2 to take advantage of Canton Libs A’s bye week, meaning County find themselves 5 points clear of the champions.

What happens if there is a tie?

With the possibility of there being a tie between teams chasing 8th place, the following criteria will be used. The teams will be sorted on points and then wins. If these are equal, the head-to-head result between the two teams will decide who finishes higher.

In the unlikely event of three teams being level and each having won one game against each other, then the amount of frames won in those matches will decide the placings.